star wars the old republic bounty hunter equipment guide

Bounty Hunters live a hard life, chasing dangerous bounties from one end of the galaxy to another. If he wants to be successful, not to mention just plain survive, the Bounty Hunter will need the best gear he can lay his credit-loving hands on. A Bounty Hunter with top-notch gear is feared and respected, while those with pitiful and antiquated gear are just chum for the nefarious lowlifes that populate the galaxy. To that end, has put together an equipment guide that shows easily accessible gear on every planet.

Nar Shadda
This sleazy world operates on pure criminal enterprise, which makes it a perfect fit for Bounty Hunters. The specialty goods vendor has a good piece of chest armor available. The equipment commendation vendor offers quite the equipment spread with head armor, wrist armor, shields, and blaster pistols. Just make sure you’re buying from a semi-reputable dealer and not from the back of a speeder parked in an alley.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016