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The ability to transfer characters between servers has been a highly requested feature since day 1 of SWTOR, when the numbers of servers were high and the number of people in most of them was low. It’s been a year and a half but now the wait is over and any beloved characters you’ve abandoned on a server far far away can be transferred to one with a more robust population once patch 2.2 hits the servers. If you are one of these people and are considering a transfer. Check out the FAQ below for all you need to know about Paid Character Transfers.

Where do I go to transfer a character?

After Patch 2.2 launches a new option will become available in your account settings on There you will be able to pay for and complete your transfer.

How much does it cost?

To transfer a single character to another server it will cost 1800 Cartel Coins. You cannot use straight cash via a credit card or paypal, you must buy CC first and then use them to pay for the transfer.

Can you transfer Regions?

At launch you will only be able to transfers to another server within your region I.E. NA server to NA server or EU to EU.  Plans are in the works to allow transfers between regions in the future.

Can you transfer between server type?

You can transfer your character to a server of another type, I.E From a PvE server to a PvP one and vice versa.

What if someone on the new server has the same name as my character?

If there is a name collision you, as the new player, will have to choose a new name.

Will my Legacy, Achievements, and Collections all transfer with my character? 

All of these things remain in tact and transfer with your character to the new server.

Can I transfer a Guild?

An entire guild cannot be transferred at one time. Each player must transfer themselves, and then the guild must be remade on the new server and members can join back up.

What if I already have a Legacy on the server I am transferring to?

If you already have a legacy on the server you are transferring to, the legacy with the higher level will take precedence and become the legacy for all characters. Not matter which legacy becomes the main one however, unlocks and achievements from both will be applied.

These are the answers we have thus far for the upcoming Paid Character Transfer option. Be sure we will update the FAQ with all the latest information as it comes out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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