star wars the old republic sith warrior equipment guide

The Sith Warrior is a fearsome entity in The Old Republic, causing his enemies to falter and tremble with fear at the very thought of his merciless onslaught. By channeling his (or her) rage into a diamond-hard resolve, he purges weaknesses such as doubt and mercy from his mind and wreaks tremendous havoc on the battlefield. By virtue of their remorseless and passion-fueled actions, they will purge the galaxy and ensure that the dominion of the Sith will be absolute. Sith Warriors not only rely upon their fierce determination, but also upon their equipment. A true Sith Warrior will have the finest equipment available to augment his chances for total victory. One who does not keep the best up-to-date gear is a weak fool who will surely perish. To that end, has put together an equipment guide for The Old Republic's Sith Warrior.

This dreary, rain-soaked planet is capital of the Sith Empire, where the Emperor and his Dark Council scheme to bring about the utter fall of the Republic. There are two equipment commendation vendors here; one at the spaceport and the other at Kaas City. The spaceport vendor has a good lightsaber available for purchase while the Kaas City vendor carries a selection of leg armor and lightsabers. The specialty goods vendor carries foot armor and hand armor.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016