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Relying upon their wits and fast reflexes with a blaster, Smugglers in The Old Republic are willing to carry any cargo to any destination if the price is right. Learn more about Smugglers by reading our class guide.

The Gunslinger cuts his teeth by having powerful blaster pistol attacks. While most of these are single target, Sweeping Gunfire (level 22) is an AoE attack. You’ll start off immediately with dual blaster attacks such as Aimed Shot (level 10) and later get powerful attacks such as Flourish Shot (level 28). In between there are specialty shots such as Leg Shot (level 12), which immobilizes foes for five seconds, and Qucickdraw (level 18), which inflicts punishing damage upon an enemy if they are 30% max health.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016