star wars the old republic smuggler companion guide

The Smuggler cuts a dashing figure through the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic as he (or she) smuggles goods planet-to-planet. Smugglers survive within the seedy belly of the underworld, staying a step ahead of the law and bounty hunters, all while helping those who have no one else to turn to. Of course, they don’t go at it alone, Smugglers can call in the aid of up to five companions, like other classes in SWTOR can, to help them through their perilous journey. Which companion is right for the job? Well, that all depends on you, the player, and your playstyle. To that end, has put together a complete guide to the Smuggler’s companions, including their combat acumen, crew skill bonuses, and likes and dislikes.

Bowdaar has the temperament and attitude of a noble gladiator, which is natural since he's been forced to fight in the arena for a long time. Once you free him, Bowdaar believes that you owes you a tremendous debt. He's a very honorable companion and looks favorably on protecting the weak, maintaining his personal honor, and having fights against worthy foes. Bowdaar does not like it when the Smuggler chooses options that reflect cruelty, bullying, giving respect to authority when it's in the wrong, and slavery. He's not a good choice for conversations if you're planning on going Dark Side.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016