star wars the old republic smuggler equipment guide

The Smuggler cuts a dashing and heroic figure in The Old Republic, skirting the law and living by his (or her) wits. Keeping hale and hearty by staying one step ahead of customs officials, bounty hunters, and the criminal element, Smugglers not only rely upon their razor-sharp reflexes and cunning, but also upon their equipment. If a Smuggler's gear isn't up to snuff, his contraband-smuggling days are numbered. To that end, has put together an equipment guide for The Old Republic's favorite rogue, the Smuggler.

Nar Shaddaa is the seediest, most disreputable planet in the galaxy, populated by riff-raff, criminals, and desperate characters. Therefore, it's the best damn planet in the galaxy for an enterprising Smuggler! The equipment commendation vendor here sells blaster pistols, scatterguns, waist armor, and head armor. The specialty goods vendor carries a few different pieces of chest armor. One word of caution: make sure the items you purchase work properly as there's no warranty!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016