SWTOR Space Battles - Ascendancy Barrier and Impossible Sector

You’re participated in countless space combat missions in The Old Republic, but now you’ve reached the final missions: the Ascendancy Barrier and the Impossible Sector. To ensure your ultimate victory, Swtorhub.com has put together a complete guide, including strategy info and combat tips.

Your ship will be under almost constant fire throughout the mission. The mines will shoot at you and the large number of enemy fighters will pepper you relentlessly throughout the battle. The enemy fighters are very tough and will take either sustained blaster fire or multiple missiles to destroy. Our old friend, the Heavy Fighter that we’ve seen in other space combat missions, such as Clouds of Vondoru/Zosha Advance and Aeten Defense/Kalee Fortification, makes multiple appearances. There are a grand total of four Heavy Fighters in this space battle. Your best bet in dealing with them is to destroy them as quickly as possible. Use your missiles and increased blaster power, by use of your Power Conversion Module, to end their fiendish existence.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016