SWTOR Space Battles - Clouds of Vondoru and Zosha Advance

Nothing warms a pilot’s heart more than crippling an enemy capital ship many times larger than their own personal ship in The Old Republic. To accomplish this feat in the Clouds of Vondoru and Zosha Advance space combat missions, Swtorhub.com has put together a complete guide, including strategy info and combat tips.

The basic strategy for this mission is the same as the Sarapin Assault/Makem Te Assault mission. You should concentrate your fire on the shield generators to bring them down first. I would recommend destroying the two shield generators towards the front of the ship as that you have less opportunity to destroy them as opposed to the two shield generators on the rear of the ship. The shield generators take a lot of damage before they’re destroyed. The turrets on the ship are tougher as well, taking two missiles each to destroy. I would suggest when you make an approach to the capital ship, set your Power Conversion Module to increased blaster damage and shoot the heck out of any targets available.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016