SWTOR Space Battles - TMugaar Ice Field and Kovor Ice Field

Nothing gets me more in the Star Wars mood than flying around in my personal ship and engaging in lots of space battles. Why else have a space ship in The Old Republic if you aren’t vaporizing foes in the icy depths of space? This time around, the space battles literally take place in the icy depths of space. To help you power your way to frigid victory, Swtorhub.com has put together a complete guide to the Mugaar Ice Field and Kovor Ice Field missions, including strategy info and combat tips.

The Mugaar Ice Field and Kovor Ice Field space missions are a harder version of the Saleucami Fleet Action and the Javaal Fleet Action missions, and it shows. You will definitely need Tier 3 upgrades for your ship if you want to successfully complete this space battle.

The level of difficulty in this space battle is ramped up, with hordes of enemy fighters flying in at you from all directions. Keep an eye on your shields and armor. Use your Power Conversion Module to quickly recharge your shields when you get a secondary lull in the action. If you are level 35, then using an Electronic Warfare Pod, a starship upgrade bought using fleet commendations that temporarily keeps your ship from being fired upon, can get you out some tough situations.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016