SWTOR Space Battles - Sarapin Assault and Makem Te Assault

One of the joys of having your own personal ship in The Old Republic is partaking in various space battles. To help you crush your foes in the Sarapin Assault (Sith Empire) or Makem Te Assault (Republic) missions, the team at Swtorhub.com has put together a complete guide including strategy info and combat tips.

The Sarapin Assault (Sith) and the Makem Te Assault (Republic) missions are one of the two space combat missions you acquire at level 20. The two missions are exactly the same with only the identity of the opponents changed. The objective of the mission is to cripple an enemy warship before enemy reinforcements arrive by destroying the turrets and shield generators on the warship.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016