star wars the old republic top five auction house items

While there are many useful and valuable items in SWTOR, there are a number that fetch a pretty penny (or credit) in the game's auction house. What items will net you the most cold, hard cash when you put it up for sale in the Galactic Trade Network, SWTOR's auction house system? Will it be weapons of wondrous power, mystical artifacts brimming with the Force, or something unexpected? To answer that question, looks at the top five auction house items.

A few of the top five auction house items are max level items, which is normally true in any MMO. Most players in SWTOR have level 50 characters, and those characters tend to have a lot of credits to spend on gear or materials they are looking for. However, lower level items can be good sellers too in that really decent gear can be hard to come by while leveling a character. Players who are leveling alts can afford the credits needed to outfit those alts in the best possible gear. While mid-range gear doesn't command the big bucks that max level gear does, the materials and effort needed to create them are far cheaper.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016