Silent, stealthy, and really frigging good at hide and seek, the Ranger is a class requiring finesse and tactics versus brute force and random clicking. Join RadarX as he not only explains how to become one, but breaks down each skill explaining it's purpose and how it's used in combat. Secure any noisy gear, put on your black pajama's, and look just inside for all the info you need on the Ranger class in Tabula Rasa.

So you think you got what it takes to be an AFS Ranger huh? Were you the best person at hide and seek as a kid? Do you find yourself creeping up on people for the sole purpose of seeing if you can get away with it? Do you hide randomly in your home just for the practice? If so, this Tabula Rasa class may be exactly what you are looking for.The Ranger skills which are a quiet and deadly part of the Tier 3 class selection bring an unusual role to the battlefield. Typically not providing skills meant for close quarters battle, the Ranger depends on stealth and combat support in the form of summoned soldiers and air strikes.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016