It seems every good Science Fiction game has a swampy area and Tabula Rasa is no exception to the rule. Filled with more slime and goo than a Ghostbusters movie, the Valverde Marshes would make even Yoda comfortable in its grimy environment. Unlike Dagobah, this zone is packed to the brim with Bane infantry and the center of not only Logos research but a major fuel operation.

Designed for players level 35+, it's not recommended you venture here before then for a few reasons. First, quite a bit of the content especially near the control points is level 40+ but also you run the risk of completing all the available missions. If you enjoy grinding xp, then by all means proceed and you will find plenty of missions to do. However, keep in mind you will need to stay here until about level 37 before you head to Crucible. Here are the areas you'll want to visit while in the Marshes:

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Retread Camp - Entering Marshes from Pools (if you came in from Plateau...well I don't know why you would) taking the first right branch you'll end up in the magnificent Retread Camp. Apparently built out of the same scrap metal and aluminum cans their base was in Pools, this will be your starting point for the zone. You'll find a number of missions here that will send you deeper into the swamp not to mention a few arena challenges.

Bane Refueling Station - Heavily fortified this is hands down the most secure Bane facility in the entire zone. There will be a number of missions that take place inside this base but you will not just be able to waltz in. There are at least a dozen guards standing in front an extremely powerful forcefield. This is also one of two ways to get to the Logos Research Facility instance on the mountain. Bring friends and lots of firepower.

Research Point CP - This is one of only two Control Points in the entire zone and you will be fortunate to ever see it in AFS hands. Occupied by level 40+ Bane infantry, they shred anything resembling a threat approaching their position. This is unfortunate because the only other way to the Logos Research Facility is a tiny teleporter just inside the CP. While there are no missions, it's mighty convenient and as mentioned above the teleporter makes it a prime objective requiring the cooperation of a number of players.

Paludos - Paludos is what you'll consider the hub of this fine bog. Centrally located and providing access to vendors, teleporters and a landing pad you'll also find a considerable number of AFS and Forean missions to complete. While it is surrounded by hostile forces, you'll find safety in its walls and make this a frequent stop.

Falcon Hold - This appears at first glance to be a control point, but is never attacked by more than an angry group of Mox for some unknown reason. Far to the north of the zone, this area also provides safety and a considerable number of missions to complete. You'll probably begin the missions here after Retread Camp, and there is no reason not to stop by on your way to the P'Reo Das instance.

Plateau Point - If for some reason you wandered in through the Plateau entance (and I'm not even sure where that is), this is where you'd pop out. There is at least one mission here that'll take you to Falcon Hold and a teleporter, so it's worth stopping by for that.

Logos Research Facility - On top of a mountain overseeing the zone, the Logos Research Facility is probably the toughest instance you'll find here. One of the most challenging aspects is you can only access it through a Bane controlled CP or assaulting a heavily defended base. Neither choice presents you with an easy route.

Bane Supply Depot- Inside the main Bane base completing this instance will assist in gumming up Bane logistics not to mention provide you with quite a bit of experience. This is probably the second instance you will want to complete while you are here.

P'Reo Das - Sitting to the northeast, P'Reo Das is a Forean settlement that the AFS has lost contact with. There have also been reports of a very ugly disease originating from the area. Upon arriving in the instance you'll see them under a brutal Bane attack so assisting them really isn't an option. This is actually a decent sized instance and will provide with some interesting missions to complete.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016