by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Situated on the Valverde continent, the Plateau is an area whose landscape bears the scars of heated conflict between Bane and Allied Free Sentient forces. This is the first visit from players to this side of planet Foreas and introduces a few new enemies with numerous old ones. Plateau can be reached via the same wormhole used in the trip to Torden Plains from Concordia Divide although travel before level 30 isn't recommended.

AFS High Command has provided the following Intelligence Briefing for new soldiers entering the region.

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You'll find the normal zone configuration consisting of a large AFS base to the north with a twin Bane controlled base to the south. The center of the area is cut by an extremely deep canyon with two large Eloh bridges providing passage. The Eloh bridges are just a fraction of the mysterious artifacts you'll find in this area which consists of obelisks, buildings, and an instance full of their architecture. Here are the major areas you'll find in Valverde Plateau:

Fort Defiance - The heart of AFS operations in the Plateau the facility has been built inside of a cavern. When mixed with two shields it is hands down the most secure place to be in the zone. Here you will find the normal merchants in addition to a Military Surplus store for your auctioning needs. For fast transport you will not only find a teleporter, but a landing platform for moving between zones, and the wormhole used to get there.

Most of your missions will be started here, some from the minute you step out of the wormhole. There is an interesting murder mystery that you should take part of at some point, but stop by the command center to start most of the mission series.

Wedge Rock Outpost - The base is the only other truly secure area in the zone, having a heavily defended fortification which sits on a large rock (hence the name). You'll have a few delivery missions out this way and will find the normal hospital and weapon/armor vendors. After Fort Defiance this will be your second most visited location other than Eloh Bridge for obvious reasons. There is a teleporter available for fast access between the areas.

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Inside Fort Defiance

Camp Resistance - Little more than a group of tents and a teleporter, Camp Resistance is a forward area close to enemy hostilities. This is a great place to respawn after dying, sell your excess gear, grab a few necessities and get back on the battlefield. You will receive a few missions to complete here and have a few objectives that bring you to the camp.

Maligo Base - This instance is in the southern Plateau and is a fully equipped Bane base with potentially hundreds of soldiers inside. Dangerous research is being completed inside and requires a squad to complete unless you are significantly higher level than the content. Expect multiple levels, a little bit of problem solving, and a lot of killing before you get done. It is one of the longer instances in Tabula Rasa (think Devil's Den).

Another interesting note is, you need to complete Ustor Yard to access this instance. Once finished a teleporter becomes available to go back whenever you like.

Ustor Yard - Ustor Yard is a essentially a junkyard infested with Bane soldiers protecting vital industrial equipment. This level 30ish instance will put you and your squad in the role of sabotage, assault, and even stealth at one point. You are required to pass through this instance to get to Maligo base so it's safe to say if you can't complete it, you aren't ready for Maligo. Reaching Ustor requires a trip through the Desolation Quarry which is heavily occupied.

Mount Reverence - This mysterious Eloh site is not only a place of reverence but a resting place for the Eloh dead. A large Eloh building rises up among the graves and is a monument to this powerful race. The entire site is crawling with the always annoying Miasma so tread lightly as you walk through disturbing the dead. There is an AFS teleporter nearby but no other military presence from either side will present itself.

Control Points - There are four different control points situated in various areas around Eloh Bridge providing similar amenities such as a vendor, respawn point, and teleporter. The CP's here are violently fought over almost continually but seem to change hands on a regular basis so visiting them all shouldn't be too much of a chore. Going AFK here however is a bad idea.

Your Logos missions will come from Receptive Liaison Ridout inside the Fort Defiance command center at -62, 404, 950. There are nine total and most people will be immediately interested in Vortex which unlocks many Signature abilities. Vortex unfortunately requires 6 of the 8 other Logos in the zone unless you can find someone nice enough to open it for you.


Symbol Name Area of Wilderness Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Before In the Eloh Bridge canyon -590, 1
Choice Mountain NW of Northwest Control Point -436, 539
Eloh In the brown river in front of Maligo behind the waterfall -290, -700
Empower In the Mox cave west of Fort Defiance. Requires Logos The, Choice, Not, and Yours. -441, 881
If Near the Trinity Bridge teleporter 89, 151
Only In a cave south of Septic Bog 677, -677
Past In a cave west of the Eloh Logos -121, -698
Strong In a cave at the bottom of the bridges canyon. -499, 20
The Near New Velon Village 376, 605
Vortex Once past the ramp to Maligo drop down into a cave. Requires Eloh, Empower, Only, The, and Strong Logos. -119, -324


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016