by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

It's October which means Halloween is right around the corner reminding many of us to stock up on candy or turn off the porch light. In the spirit of things, the Tabula Rasa team has put together some festive content that everyone should be able to enjoy during the pre-order play, even though there is no word on whether it staying after the retail launch. There are no two things more identified with this fall holiday than trick or treating and masks. You'll have the opportunity for both starting next week or if you can't wait, on the beta server right now.

Each mission requires you to hand 5 pieces of candy to certain AFS officers and staff. In order to obtain all four rewards you'll have to do the quest three different times (all NPC's offer the same emote reward so one you'll do four times) although you can use the same NPC's. There appear to be level requirements for each mission however because my level 11 couldn't participate.


Concordia Divide - Foreas Base

Your first Trick or Treat mission will begin in Foreas Base in Concordia Divide with R&R Coordinator Crider near -24.7, 116.1, 492.0. You are asked to hand out 5 pieces of candy to Officers and staff within Foreas Base. While a comprehensive list could be made, it's hard to walk more than 10 seconds without running into one but if you are having trouble you can use my list.

Field Officer Timmons
-69.4, 115.9, 441.1
Corporal Gangrel
-77.0, 115.9, 437.0
Base Mechanic Pike
-105.8, 116.3, 458.6
Field Officer Hogan
-5.9, 116.9, 533.3
Science Officer Murphy
-3.8, 116.9, 531.3




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Torden Plains - Irendas Penal Colony

Next up is Torden Plains and you'll find R&R Coordinator Spampinato at 328.7, 430.1, -179.0. Same mission, same MO so if you are having trouble feel free to use the five I've listed here. You'll need to do three times for all the masks. It appears some of them don't take the candy so you may need to find more than I list. If those don't work find the tower at 322.4, 433.4, -59.2 and take the teleporter up to find three chances. If that fails head to 207.8, 433.4, -133.6 and straight down the ramp until you find three more chances.

Major Silvia
344.7, 430.2, -170.3
Sergeant Conyers
353.4, 430.2, -167.3
Sergeant Major Nygyen
approx 351.0, 433.1, -86.4
Researcher Erodan
255.3, 433.4, -146.5
Master Salvager Miru
207.7, 433.4, -131.8
Captain Reyko
322.4, 433.4, -59.2
Colonel Whitaker
320.0, 498.6, -43.4
General Creelig
314.0, 498.6, -26.4
Commander Rutten
325.9, 498.6, -38.4
Agent Zim
209.4, 425.5, -212.6
Dr. Finobee
211.2, 425.5, -228.9
Lieutenant Commander Michan
206.4, 425.5, -230.3



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Fort Defiance - Foreas Plateau

This is the last of Trick or Treat missions and begins with R&R Coordinator Mestemaker at -232.0, 411.9, 860.5. As with the other missions you'll have to do them 3 times to receive all the masks. Some NPC's will take the candy and some won't so make your way down the list and because of the size of the base prepare to spend a little longer doing this one. The Air Traffic Controller and a few others are over the western end of the base while the rest are clumped in the central building next to the transporter

Transportation Officer Mamede
-267.7, 420.9, 806.1
Air Traffic Controller Shapiro
-202.0, 421.3, 934.1
Air Traffic Controller Wolfe
-196.1, 421.3, 933.8
Air Traffic Controller Wickham
-190.9, 421.0, 930.1
Air Traffic Controller Singer
-197.4, 421.0, 930.1
Air Traffic Controller Bigley
-201, 421.0, 929.7
Lieutenant Colonel Doss
-101.7, 399.3, 911.7
Fort Defiance Guard Mech X2
-85.0, 399.3, 905.8
Field Lt. Peterson
-66.5, 401.1, 928.1
Senior Engineer Mauer
-60.7, 402.5, 938.7
General Thaddeus T. Bailey
-66.2, 404.1, 949.8
MP Lieutenant Parkman
-69.4, 404.1, 951.3


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We hope this guide has been useful to you. If you see any corrections we need to make or can think of something to add feel free to email me and I'll make sure you get credit. Also be sure to check out our forums to discuss the Halloween content.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016