If anyone knows about videogame-related wisdom, it's the late JFK.

President John F. Kennedy once said "We should use time as a tool, not as a couch," so to help get you off that sofa Ten Ton Hammer presents the first of a three part series of Tabula Rasa guides which will get you to level 10 faster than you can say "stop using parallels." Logos locations, mission walkthroughs, and much more await you inside.

Below you'll find a path to completing most of the soloable missions in Wilderness and progressing from about level 4 (which you'll probably reach during the tutorial) to level 10 in the course of an evening. This is not the only path and might not even be the fastest path, since I've only played through the content once. So follow along with your character if you like, or simply scan through for a mission you're stuck on (missions appear in bold text). One thing I can promise you is a relatively safe and ultimately successful journey.

Check it out at Ten Ton Hammer's TR site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016