Sappier than a Baliwood b-movie...

Tabula Rasa's master of the mechanical, the expert of engineering the Sapper is an all around powerhouse, This type of Specialist class not only plays a support role through protection but provides an incredible amount of offensive firepower. Join us as we take apart each ability of this amazing class, explain what they do does and how you can use them to the your advantage. From Polarity Guns to Mech armor we cover it all in this thorough guide so don't miss out!

Hack is a great skill, that is not really great at lower pumps, but it really shines at higher levels! Hack a few predators or a turret that just crept up on your squad and attempted to give you a dirt nap! Turn a Stalker/Strider/Juggernaut into a buddy for a while to draw attention away from you, or so you can run past it without dealing with it! Make a shield drone your own portable reflection dome for a bit, and make all those Thrax outside of the shield pay for assaulting River Base Krimm!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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