This island holds many secrets and offerings for you to discover, as well as a few Deity Quests for you to complete. But this is merely the beginning of a journey that will lead

you down many winding roads to difficult battles and glorious discoveries! A small island, set in the waters to the west of the mainland, is the place where your journey in

Gods & Heroes begins. Telchinos Village makes a suitable temporary homestead, until the road to greater adventures and glory beckons!

Areas of Interest

Crimson Plateau

Located south of where you begin, this is an area that you can wander in perfect safety. The locals are quite friendly, and more than happy to share both their wisdom and their


The Shadowed Valley

This dense, dark forest holds many secrets. Scattered throughout are artifacts of an ancient people, and dangerous creatures! There are also two major ruins deep within the

forest, but nobody knows of their origins or their meaning.

Telchinos Harbor

The seconf of the safe zones, it is here that you will find everything you need while getting acquainted with Gods and Heroes. With low-level item vendors, trainers for all

classes, an Inn, and several people needing help, you'll enjoy fun adventures while learning the basics of playing the game.

Necros Ruins

Located south of the harbor, all that moves here is already dead! A dark fog lies heavily on the ground, limiting your vision as you trek through this unholy bastion of terror.

Undead swordsmen raised by the Telchinists protect whatever it is they're hiding in this ruined village, so be on your guard!

Vulture's Peak

North of the docks, this is the last stage of your learning before heading to the main world. Legend has it that time is key in this area, although what that means is anyone's

guess. Be sure to have a look around, and be careful not to fall off the cliffs! There are much better ways to die waiting for you in the lands beyond...

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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