The latest addition to the WildStar Battleground rosta is Daggerstone pass. It’s the first 15 versus 15 Battleground and unlike the other maps you’ll be used to (Walatiki Temple and Halls of the Bloodsworn) mounts are encouraged. At the heart of Daggerstone pass is a capture point map but woven in is the need to whittle down your opposing teams generator and that can be done through controlling points or by exploding bombs against the generator in order to destroy it quickly. The first team to destroy the opposing generator entirely is the winner.

The Control Points

There are a total of three control points in Daggerstone pass. Mine is to the left, Bunker to the right and No Mans Land in the centre of the map. To take control of either of these three points, you’ll need to interact with them. Unlike other interactions though (such as capturing a Mask in Walatiki) it’ll take a whole ten seconds to capture a point in Daggerstone. In addition, once a point has been captured it cannot be converted for a period of time meaning your team is guaranteed to eat away at some of your oppositions generator. It should be said that all three control points offer a significantly different layout. The Mine is very enclosed and offers close quarter fights while the Bunker is wide open with very few places to hide. No Mans Land is a mix, with no possible way to defend all angles and plenty of raised areas to shoot down from.

The Bombs

Besides capturing the Control Points to damage the oppositions Generator, you can also deal a hefty chunk of damage to it by picking up a bomb from your base and carrying it to the opponents Generator. You move quicker when carrying a bomb and have around 100 seconds to reach the oppositions Generator. If you die while carrying it, your enemies can pick it up and use it against your Generator so it’s always worth having your tankiest players do the bombing runs. To harm the opposing Generator, you need to interact with it which will place the bomb down. The bomb won’t instantly explode however and as a result, you’ll need to protect it until it detonates. During the time it’s placed down, it can still be picked up so be extra careful to protect it while it’s waiting to detonate.

The Generators

Stationed at the back of each teams base is a Generator. When you control the points on the map air strikes will gradually bomb the opposing Generator over a period of time. Each Generator starts at 100% and if bombed, will be reduced by 10%. Over time, if no bomb affects it, the percentage loss from air strikes is minor but also based on the number of bases you control. It’s a viable tactic to never bomb the opponents Generator and still win the match by relying entirely on Control Points and the air strikes they provide.

The Power Ups

There is only one Power Up in Daggerstone and it’s a stealth detector. It’s available at all three Control Points and as you might have guessed, it improves your ability to detect stealthed players. If you’re defending you should always pick it up as stealth capping by Stalkers is a very real and annoying problem. Alternatively and if you’re ranged (such as a Spellslinger) you can just keep shooting at the Control Point to be extra certain no one will ninja tag it.

Tips and Tricks

1. Capturing all 3 control points and ignoring the oppositions Generator (i.e not bombing it) can absolutely win you a match. It’s slower but is less risky. It does however rely on you having a coordinated team to keep all 3 points secure.

2. The central point is arguably the most important because it provides greater damage on the oppositions Generator and if you control it, it makes the route to bombing the oppositions Generator much easier.

3. Mounts are absolutely essential in Daggerstone Pass. If you haven’t got one, you need one. If you have one, you should be using it constantly. Control Points are far apart and you’ll quickly need to move between all of them in order to defend.

4. Using the bomb is a risky strategy because if you die, your opponents can pick it up and use it against you. If you are taking one, make sure you’re a tank and make sure you have an escort.

5. Splitting your team in Daggerstone is essential. I’d recommend 2 to the Mine and Bunker and the rest of your team to the middle point. Once you win and control the middle, it’s easy to then fan out and claim the rest.

6. Be careful when picking up your bomb from your side. Enemy Stalkers have a habit of stealthing near them and once you pick it up killing you. This way they can quickly pick up the bomb and run it into your base.

7. It can be very tempting to just fight constantly around the No Mands Land control point but it’s a sure fire way of losing the match. You have to control all the points where possible otherwise the enemy team will run rings around you.

8. Remember that defending your Generator is incredibly important. If you ignore it, you’ll likely have it bombed by the opposition. Setting a Stalker tank on defence is still a good tactic here.

9. If you’re on a bombing run, it’s a good idea to take the bomb on the left and right hand side of the map. It’s usually quieter and it allows you to sneak past most of the fighting.

10. Fighting over one point for too long will, most of the time, cause you to lose a match. I'd recommend you move onto an alternative point quickly if you can't take the one you're currently attacking. 2 points and a couple of bombing runs is more than enough to tip the balance in your favour. Remember though, the central point should be the priority at the start. 

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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