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muttonstache is mightier than the sword.

Musty tomes of ancient knowledge, creatures of the forests and
wilds, the raw power of nature itself - these are the tools of the
Lore-master. Combining the arcane knowledge of the archetypical wizard
and the nature-based powers of the arcetypical druid, the Lore-master
is both of these things and yet neither. They pattern themselves after
the Istari - supernatural beings given mortal form, like
Gandalf the Grey or Radagast the Brown - and though they do not share
the same Valar heritage, they are nonetheless men and elves of great
and mysterious power.

The Lore-master is a very subtle class whose roles are
manifold and various. They have powerful buffs and debuffs, reliable
and varied crowd-control, a wide assortment of curatives and
restorative powers and a rock-solid arsenal of damage-dealing attacks.
The Lore-master is able to call powerful beasts to his aid; be it
a  lowly-but-clever raven, a burly bear, a vicious great cat
or a noble eagle, these animals will gladly lay down their lives for
their wise, powerful master.

In a group, the Lore-master is prized for his ability to
easily and efficiently keep enemy mobs locked down with different sorts
of crowd-control techniques. Lore-master dazes are the most effective
and reliable in the game, superior to the Burglar's Riddles which only
affect 2-legged foes. They also have strong debuffs, able to make
raving throngs of enemies markdely weaker with a flick and twirl of the
staff. And they are the rechargable lithium-ion battery of the
fellowship, able to drain the power out of their foes and redistribute
it to their fellows as needed.

Soloing for a Lore-master is not really "soloing" at all -
usually, there is a powerful pet doing much of the fighting. But even
without the pet, the Lore-master is certainly a capable combatant, able
to wield powerful staves and harness the elements to rain the wrath of
natural fury upon his unfortunate foes.

The Lore-master class is available to Race of Man and Elves.
Race of Man is slightly more physically durable at low levels, but at
later levels neither race is more advantageous than the other.

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The Lore-master is a main tactical class - aside from a couple
of melee
staff skills, all of the Lore-master's direct-damage attacks are
tactical. This means Will and Fate all the way - hit harder, more
often, for longer. And unlike many other classes, power consumption is
seldom an issue for Lore-masters. If power starts dropping low, drain
some off an enemy mob and recharge that battery.

Lore-masters approach fights a little differently than most
other classes. Typically, they fight in a more indirect fashion, hiding
behind a physically-tough pet and acting more in a support capacity,
even when soloing. This can take some getting used to after playing
more upfront, direct classes like Champion or Hunter, but it's actually
pretty easy to master once the player gets the hang of staying back and
letting the pet do the bulk of the fighting.

This class is quite valuable in a group, but there are far
fewer of them than of the simpler "core" classes (tanks, healers,
DPSers). Because of this, it's usually not hard to find a group for
instances and such - maybe not quite as easy as for main healer
classes, but definitely easier than something like Hunter.

The Lore-master is a class for people who like subtlety. While
they can and do make big contributions to a group's DPS, and while they
can and do function as off-healers, these are not usually their primary
roles - Hunters and Runekeepers hit much harder, Minstrels, Runekeepers
and Captains make better healers. The Lore-master's contributions in a
group are less obvious but no less important: buffs and debuffs,
crowd-control, wound and disease removal, short-term tank relief and
power restoration, while not as flashy as main-healing or hitting big
DPS numbers or tanking multiple mobs, can make a massive difference in
tough group fights.


Few classes demonstrate the meaning of the term "squishy" as
as the Lore-master. This is not a hardy class, and when fights get
physical, the Lore-master needs to take measures to keep the baddies at
a safe distance. The class has some good self-heals, but the cooldowns
are long enough that the player doesn't want to have to rely on them.
Crowd-control and pet management are the keys to keeping the
Lore-master's fragile, lightly-armored body safe from harm. And when
these things fail, it's time to run.

Most of the Lore-masters damage-dealing tactical skills have
inductions, which can be set back or interrupted by taking damage.
Again, this demosntrates the need to keep enemies at a safe distance;
if the Lore-master is being attacked, he is hard-pressed to return the

Much like the Burglar, the subtlety of the class can be as
much of a drawback as a selling point for some players.
This is not a quick-thrills or big-numbers class, and its strength lies
mostly in being a strong support, even when soloing. Players looking to
wade into fights with both guns a-blazin' or hit huge damage numbers
will want to look elsewhere. Of course, the Lore-master is not without
some pizazz: Ents Go to War is a very flashy skill, and some of the
attack animationsare pretty sweet.

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The Lore-master of href="">the Lord of
the Rings Online

is an interesting cat. Straddling the line between arcanist and
naturalist, like Radagast the Brown or Gandalf the Grey, he is one part
"wizard" and one part "druid." He hurls fireballs and calls forth
lightning, and is a friend to animals large and small. He can fill a
variety of different roles, from crowd-control specialist to debuffer
extraordinaire. This is the thinking man's squishy class, less
narrowly-defined than the Minstrel and far more subtle than the

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016