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came here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And I'm all out of bubble

The Ettenmoors for Wardens is very much like running solo,
regardless of whether or not the Warden is running with a raid. Tanking
and aggro-management is not a concern; the Warden will draw plenty of
creep aggro as it is, fitting as he does in that narrow gap between
juicy squishies like Minstrels and Hunters and unpalatable heavies like
Guardians and Champs.

Fighting in the Ettenmoors tends to happen
in fairly brief skirmishes, so unlike tough solo and group fights,
power is usually not that big of an issue. Occasionally, longer
conflicts will pop up when a raid is defending a contested spot or when
one side or the other is turtling inside a keep, and power drain may
become an issue then, but a lot of the fights happen on open ground and
are hectic and brief.

When running solo, Ambush and stealth play
a fairly big role. Race of Man Wardens do not have a racial stealth
skill, but Elves and Hobbits do. Race of Man will need to rely on
carefully-timed Careful Step to sneak up on enemies. If the Warden can
land a good Ambush and follow it up with a Critical Strike, any creep
is going to have a difficult time recovering from that and may be
desperate enough to make just the right kind of mistakes to allow for
an easy kill.

Traiting for Way of the Spear makes good sense for
the Ettenmoors. While it is not a good idea to totally forget about
defense, focusing on DPS, using a lot of Spear gambits and playing
aggressively will win fights. Keep a watchful eye on defense, of
course, because the Warden is not a massive DPS class, but don't be
afraid to push the DPS a little bit harder than in PvE.

In one-on-one spars with creeps, it's usually a good idea to
open with a strong defensive Gambit like Shield
Mastery. This can be followed up with a powerful Spear Gambit like
Warden's Triumph or Unerring Strike, and then reinforced with short,
quick Spear gambits and short, quick self-heals. Short, quick Gambits
are the way to go here, as a very large part of PvMP fighting is
staying mobile and trying to outrace your opponent's reflexes. Using
the Master of... traits will allow the Warden to build longer Gambits
while staying mobile.

When running with a raid, the Warden won't
need to worry so much about healing. Wardens are natural skirmishers,
able to use hit-and-run tactics and attack from a distance with
javelins, and building Gambits can take precious time. Quick and dirty
is the name of the game.

On the other hand, when facing off against a line of Uruk
Blackarrows or a nest of poisonous
Weavers, by all means pay attention to healing - HOTs versus DOTs. The
damage-over-time attacks by these creeps are tenacious and brutal, and
having a plethora of self-HOTs to counter these vicious bleeds means
you are slightly less likely to die while attempting to retreat. Keep
in mind, though, that these Gambits can only be used while fighting;
you'll have to keep yourself in harm's way long enough to build them up
and fire them off.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016