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Those who enjoyed Warcraft III probably have a much better grasp over the plot line contained within the Plaguewood. For those of you just joining in, basically the remaining forces of the evil Scourge are contained within these lands, held back by the valiant efforts of the Argent Dawn. Recently, a new threat has established itself in these lands. The floating citadel, Naxxramas, has appeared housing the dread Lich Kel’Thuzhad and his massive forces.

Naxxramas is a 40-man instance designed for guilds who have successfully completed Blackwing Lair and can venture deep within the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. The instance itself is divided into four wings (Plague, Abomination, Death Knight, and Spider Wings). Each wing requires you to slay one boss before moving onto the next one. When every boss is defeated, the path to Kel’Thuzhad will open allowing players a chance to slay the final (and most difficult) enemy currently in the game.

The Naxxaramas Loading Screen

Currently this guide does not contain complete information for Naxxramas. We only have the information available to us both first hand and what is supplied by the community. All strategies have been confirmed as successful with various other raiding guilds.

This guide will assume that your guild has gear from both Molten Core and Blackwing Lair while having the experience of raiding the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. Many consider slaying the evil dragon Nefarian a must before stepping foot inside of this dungeon, although some of the earlier bosses are at near equal level with the big evil dragon man himself. If your guild has not reached that level of play yet, then this guide may still provide a very good read at what will be required in the future.

Raid Requirements and Attunement


You can attune yourself to Naxxramas at Light’s Hope Chapel. Simply bring the following items based on your Argent Dawn reputation:

Honored: 5x Arcane Crystal, 2x Nexus Crystal, 60 gold, and 1x Righteous Orb
Revered: 2x Arcane Crystal, 1x Nexus Crystal, 30 gold
Exalted: Free

If you are not at least honored with the Argent Dawn then you will not be allowed access to the dungeon. This shouldn’t be a problem, since gaining your first set of blue armor should give you enough reputation to hit near Revered by running the various instances (combined with the quests in the Plaguewood while leveling up).


Unlike other dungeons, Naxxramas is not very forgiving. You will require at least five Priests (with a total of at least 15 healers) to go anywhere. You will also need at least five Warriors (its currently unknown if properly equipped Druids can be viable tanks in Naxxramas). You will also need plenty of DPS, so generally your raid should look as follows:

5 Priests
10 Healers (5/5 Druids/Paladins or Shamans // 7 Druids/3 Paladins or Shamans)
5 Warriors
2 Utility Warlocks
18 DPS centric characters

There is many guilds who consider taking less Warlocks in place of more Rogues in order to increase the raids DPS. Personally, I find that taking your 18 absolute best DPS’ers is a much better idea while still maintaining a balance of Rogues, Mages, and Hunters.

Everyone in the raid should have CT_Raid active as well; even though it provides less help then it does for the other dungeons due to its “Bossmods” not being updated fully for Naxxramas. It still will provide a much needed benefit to your raid.


Main Tank – A Warrior who has the best gear and is best suited for tanking.
Off-Tank – One or more Warriors who will tank the boss whenever certain conditions are met, such as the main tank dieing, an enemy uses Wing Buffet, or something else.
DPS – Damage Per Second or basically damage.
Melee DPS – Rogues, feral Druids, and Warriors who are not tanking or off-tanking.

Loot Drops

Unlike the previous two major instances, Naxxramas bosses drop between one or two Ttier 3 armor pieces along with one to two extremely powerful purple items. As a note, each piece of Tier 3 loot requires various "scrap parts" from inside the instance along with a quest to kill trash mobs by the Argant Dawn. When all of this is collected, then the Argent Dawn will "craft" the pieces for you.

Spider Wing

Anub’Rekhan - Wrist
Grand Widow Faerlina – Wrist
Maexxna – 2x Gloves

Abomination Wing

Patchwerk – Shoulder
Grobbulus – Shoulder
Gluth – Shoulder/Belt/Wrist/Feet (one at random)
Thaddius – 2x Helmet

Plague Wing

Noth the Plaugebringer – Belt
Heigan the Unclean – Belt
Loatheb – 2x Legs

Deathknight Wing

Instructor Razuvious – Feet
Gothik the Harvester – Feet
The Four Horsemen – 2x Chestpiece

Frostwyrm Lair

Sapphiron – Argent Dawn Shoulder Enchant Pieces

Kel’Thuzad Chamber

Kel’Thuzad – 2x Ring

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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