We heard about it, we got excited about it, and now it's upon us! The Night of Murder has arrived in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning! The one night a year When the Brides of Khaine set out to kill and sacrifice as many as they can to the Lord of Murder. This year is special however, as Kaela Mensha Khaine has included the entire Warhammer world in his celebration! He has marked both enemies and monsters, making the hunt more interesting for all. So grab your weapon of choice and get to the battlefield folks. The Night of Murder doesn't last forever and this means WAR!

The Night of Murder Live Event is similar to the past two live events. You have quests that you fulfill for influence that you can trade in for rewards. The Heralds for this event are located in each capital city, just a little ways off the landing pad, and are a Witch Elf for Destruction and a Witch Hunter for Order. After completing a number of the 11 total quests, you'll have access to the following rewards:

Basic: Shadowbane Potion - Grants the title of "Murderous"

Advanced: Order - "Murder Fang", Destruction - "Screaming Skull". Both are Trophies

Elite: A choice of 1 of 4 different Gems of Fell Whispers. These are Talismans with different stats.


There are a series of quests you'll need to complete before you can get the time of day from the Heralds. These range for pretty easy to somewhat harder, but should be fairly easy to complete. Be forewarned, those of you with an aversion to RvR. This is the Night of Murder and several of these quests are RvR based. If you want the rewards then you're going to need to step up and take the risk! Don't worry though. RvR really isn't all that bad and the way Mythic has set it up, you shouldn't have to suffer too much before you can head back to the PvE world.

Night of Murder Tasks:

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Want to play?

Complete the "Marked" Quest 10 Times - In each Warcamp and inside each scenario at the starting point, there is a quest giver. He/She will give you the quest and then your job is to head out into the field of battle, find five enemies with the skull and crossbones over their head, and then beat them into a fine paste. It sounds rather time consuming but if you have the quest and a member of your team kills a marked foe, you get credit for the kill! So this task goes by pretty quickly, especially if you're participating in scenarios. Once you turn in the quest, you are rewarded with a dagger. This dagger is located in your inventory and if you click on it, will turn you into a "marked" target. In return for having the kahones to place the "HEY! KILL ME!!" sign over your noggin, you are rewarded with some influence for the Night of Murder when you do.

Defeat 20 Marked Monsters - This was probably the hardest of the tasks. Not because the monsters are difficult, just difficult to find, and outside of the cities, the ones we saw were heroes. Be prepared to spend a lot of time on this task. The best place to hunt marked monsters is inside the capital cities and they're usually in an area where the NPC's are killable. The downside is that once you find your "special place", these things can take between 5-10 minutes to re-pop. So kill one, go nuke your microwave burrito and grab a soda from the fridge, because it's going to be a looooong night.

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"If one more person asks me about the 'comfy chair'..."

Kill 25 Enemy Players - For those of us who RvR a lot, this one is a cake walk. For those that don't... it's still a cake walk, sort of. The easiest way to complete this task is to pop into a scenario. Much like in the "Marked" Quest above, anyone on your team who kills an enemy player within range of you, you'll get credit for. Depending on the scenario, you can finish this one in one shot.

Assassinate 1 member of each enemy career - This will take a few tries to complete, but is easily done during a keep siege or a few scenarios. Once again, anyone on your team killing things will contribute to your list and if you're lucky this will go pretty quick. If there's a career that has abstained from RvR though, then you're hurting. Just keep plugging away though, because eventually, you'll nail them all. Also, just in case you PvE'ers were sighing a breath of relief because the word "players" wasn't next to the word "enemy", then get ready to punch your monitor because Mythic isn't letting you off that easy. This is RvR all the way.

Murder 10 Keep Lords - For those of you who've been gloating because your faction has total tier zone control close to 95% of the time, remember that Karma is a female dog and she's about to bite you on the hindquarters. In order to complete this part of the task, you have to retake keeps held by the enemy. In doing so, you'll have to defeat Keep lords and thus, complete the quest. If you own all the keep in your tier, then you're going to have to suck it up and let your enemies sack the keeps unhindered so you can then assault them and take them back. Live Events like these tend to spark a ton of RvR though, so you shouldn't have to wait long.

Participate in any Elf scenario - This is the easiest task, because all you do is show up. Win or lose, kill a lot or get killed a lot, you get credit for just being kind enough to show up to the pointy eared party.

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"The Shrine of Khaine in a convenient travel size."

Gain a buff from the Shrine of Caine - This one is simple, but dangerous. The Shrine of Khaine is located on your map, indicated by a point spire looking icon. The Shrine itself is no issue, it's just a click and grab sort of thing. The danger comes from it's location. The Shrines are located in the RvR zones for each tier, so you'll need to watch your back while you complete this task.

Kill 15 players of each enemy race - This is sort of time consuming and is easiest done in scenarios. Much like the other kill quests, this one gives you credit if a member of your team kills an opposing player race. It should be quick, but that all depends on what you get in your scenario mix. It's still pretty easy though and you'll finish this one while doing the "Marked" quest task, so don't worry too much about it as it will basically come to you in time.

Assassinate 5 enemy guild officers - This task is best complete in ORvR and high level scenarios, as most guild officers are usually upper T3 - T4 by now or spend most of their time taking keeps and such. It's mostly luck that gets you in a battle with some guild officers and having your group be the one that kills them, but once again persistence pays off. If you're T2 or below, make for ORvR as this is where you'll have the best chance of killing a guild officer

Assassinate 1 guild leader - This task is even harder than the above task and your best bet is ORvR to get a guild leader. You may catch one in T3 - T4 scenarios (mostly T-4), but you'll still need luck on your side. Just remember, all you need is one.

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"Hey Baby, I'm a Master Assassin. How YOU doin'?"

Throw the skull of an enemy player five times - First, in order to throw a skull, you have to get a skull. So how do you do it? Easy. They're loot drops off killed players. You'll get a ton of these in a packed scenario, so make sure to check your inventory, move them down to an empty space in your hotbar, and then toss them at friends, because really, what says camaraderie like tossing a dead guy's remains at a team mate?

Complete All Night Of Murder Tasks - For persevering through a night of bloodshed and proving your worth to the Lord of Murder by completing all 11 tasks he set forth, you are rewarded with the title, Master Assassin! Which is a good way to pick up hot Witch elves. They dig a man who can murder.



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016