More than a few know the frustration of another toon buzzing around yours like an angry bee, stinging you until you die while you can only sit there and watch. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning has plenty of RvR action to offer, but for a lot of people who've been burned in other PvP, it hardly seems worth the effort! For those people, there's now a miracle cure to make your RvR three times larger! With a quick and easy to follow strategy for beginners, it'll seem like you've been a large RvR guy all along! If you want to gank and gank and gank all night long then you need Ten Ton Hammer's Secrets to Ultimate Pwnage that now comes in Black Guard and Shadow Warrior!

The newest class to grace the halls of WAR, the Black Guard is the tank class for the Dark Elves. With more groupies than there are screaming teenage girls at a My Chemical Romance concert, you won't be able to spit without hitting one in PvE right now. Their abilities make them a wise choice to PvE your heart out, as they can go non stop with their hate based mechanic. However, are they any good in RvR? Like our buddy Magic 8 Ball would say, "All signs point to yes"!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016