Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Yauj, Vem, and Kri)

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Optional Bosses

Yauj, Vem, and Kri

The “Bug Trio” is three bugs that are each very small powerful bosses with their own set of skills. They have the unique gimmick of each having a different loot table and the last one to die will produce that bug’s loot.


You need three tanking groups, one for each bug, and the rest of the raid spread out evenly with your healers having the nature resist aura. That’s it, nothing more is required. One tank group should have two tanks, for Vem, because he is sketchy on the aggro.


Each bug in the trio have their own unique skills! This is why it’s more difficult to kill them in one order then the other (since Lord Kri has a devastating AoE DoT spell).

Lord Kri

Toxic Volley: Does 500 damage (before resists) and adds on a DoT that ticks for 125 nature damage. It stacks but is also cleansable and can be resisted.

Toxic Cloud: When he dies he’ll leave behind a cloud that does about 2,000 nature damage a second. Don’t stand in it to avoid the damage.

Princess Yauj

Fear: Similar to other bosses fear, this fears everyone around her and reduces their aggro making fear ward on her tank a must.

Heal: She will heal herself and the other bugs. This can be interrupted so watch CT Raid for it!

Bug Summon: When she dies she will leave behind smaller bugs that are easy to deal with.


Charge: He’ll randomly charge someone doing a little over 2000 physical damage.

Enrage: When he dies the other bugs (should always be one other bug as Vem should either be killed last or second) will go wild and enrage doing a lot more damage and casting their spells more often.


This fight’s difficulty works based on who you want to kill last. Vem is the easiest to kill last since you can take out Kri first stoping the AoE nature spell he does. Taking out any of the other will require killing Vem before one of the others causing him to make the last remaining one enrage. Lord Kri has the best loot, of course, but he’s also really difficult to take down last. Outside of picking which one to take down last, all you need to do is focus on killing them in order (double tanking Vem) and cleansing Lord Kri’s DoT. That simple.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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