Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Princess Huhuran)

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Optional Bosses

Princess Huhuran

A single wasp located within this instance, Princess Huhuran is one of the first required bosses to have a ramped up difficulty along with the need for nature resistance. Everyone in the raid should have a ton of nature resistance for this fight.


You will need fifteen people with extremely high nature resist along with several tanks that have as much nature resist as they can possibly obtain. These fifteen need to be put in the first three groups and told that they are part of the fifteen. The rest of the raid needs to have nature resist, but not the extremes the first fifteen do.

Hunters need to set-up a tranquilizing shot rotation (similar to in Molten Core and Blackwing Lair) and all of them need to be part of the fifteen super nature resist (they can be spread out into other groups of the nature resist aura, but they need to be the ones standing close to Huhuran).


Frenzy: Makes her hit harder and faster, tranquilizing shot prevents this.

Poison Bolt Volley: Only occurs when Huhuran is frenzied. Does lots of nature damage (1000-1500) to the closest fifteen people to Huhuran.

Noxious Poison: 2900 nature damage over eight seconds, AoE and has a silence that accompanies it. Used at random.

Acid Spit: 219 to 281 damage per second, stacks over 50 times and is only used on the main tank.

Berserk: At 30%, Huhuran doubles her attack speed and releases Poison Bolt Volleys every 3 seconds.

Wyvern Sting: A sleep that affects those close to her, does 4000 damage if cleansed.


The basic concept of this fight is that you need to have her near dead before five minutes has based. Therefore you need as much DPS as possible concentrated on her and just her (there are no other enemies). In approaching this fight have your raid well informed on who the fifteen people to eat Poison Bolt Volley will be. Make sure they have Priests with Prayer of Healing and Hunters with the nature resist aura.

The fight for the first 80% is really simple. Have your main tank hold Huhuran until he has 8-9 Acid Spits then have an off-tank step up and grab Huhurans attention. Then when he has 7-9 Acid Spits have the next off-tank take Huhurans attention. When he has 7-9 Acid Spits have the main tank take Huhurans attention. Just keep her moving between the three tanks and keep the raids health up.

At about 35% have your fifteen super high nature resist people step up into close range so that they will be the only fifteen hit by the Poison Bolt Volley. When she hits 30% she’ll start using it like mad and if anyone dies from it then the damage will increase. It’s a fight against time past 30%. Even with super high nature resist, those fifteen will be getting hit hard and all heals need to go on them.

Once defeated, you will move on to the The Twin Emperors!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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