Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Ouro the Sandworm)

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Optional Bosses

Ouro the Sandworm

Ouro is a very neat encounter where you fight a giant sandworm that drops a few Dune (a sci-fi book with sandworms) related loot pieces. He can be very difficult to kill but he’s not as hard as C’Thun.

The Encounter

Basically Ouro is a very simple and straight forward encounter. He will submerge if no one is in melee range or after three minutes, which ever comes first. While submerged he will attack you from underground and be immune to all sources of damage. He has the ability to “sweep” everyone around him away, doing damage and knocking them back. He does a super sweep at a minute and a half, removing everyone around him causing him to submerge. This is counterable by having as many melee people as possible directly next to him.

Outside of that he has a few nature based attacks, but nothing that you can’t handle. While he’s unsubmerged unload as much as possible into him. When he submerges have your ranged DPS rest their mana.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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