Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Battleguard Sartura)

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Optional Bosses

Battleguard Sartura

Battleguard Sartura (or just plain Sartura for short) who best resembles a full blown ninja. A large scythe like claw is used by Sartura and her royal guards to slay those who attempt to pass their defensive point. While there is no known lore or story behind this humanoid looking bug, you can assume that it’s a royal guard of some sorts. The structure of the Qiraji is unkown, but there are many references to princesses so there must be some form of royal structure.

As for progression, this fight can easily defeat those who are still progressing through Blackwing Lair. Having well equipped Warriors and everyone on their toes can go a long way in claiming victory of this boss. Like the previous boss, Skeram, no nature resistance is needed. It’s best to relate this fight to Majordomo Executus on extreme mode.


For this fight you will need a total of five tanking groups, with your main-tanking group (for Sartura) being the best. Your four off-tanks will attempt to keep the Royal Guards under control although it’s not an easy task. You should have Paladins (if Alliance) assigned to each add to help keep it under control with it’s Hammer of Justice.


Shared Skills

Whirlwind: A PBAoE (an AoE around the user) attack that does about 400-1000 damage on targets in its range. It also clears a lot of the aggro generated. A simple counter is just get out of the way while this is going on.

Knockback: Knocks a player high in the sky.

Sartura Only Skills

Enrage: At 20% she will enrage gaining a damage and attack speed bonus.

Super Whirlwind: Does a lot more damage then the Royal Guard’s whirlwind.

Berserk: At 10 minutes, she goes Berserk killing everyone in the raid.


This battle relies a lot more on the skill of the raid instead of the armor and weapons they have (although better gear doesn’t hurt). Sartura has four Royal Guards who share most of her abilities. When the fight starts have your four off-tanks go after each of their respective adds while the main tank heads to fight Sartura.

Rogues should avoid combat until the adds are down, although if the raid has enough healing then Rogues can assist in stunning them allowing for a few seconds of DPS. Mainly for the adds though you will have your off-tank warriors using Demoralizing Shout and Taunt in order to keep the attention of the adds while all of your range DPS focus fires them down. As each add dies the fight becomes easier and easier, however be aware that each add is constantly whirlwinding which presents the difficulty of this fight.

The adds will be moving around a lot through the zone. Warrior’s options are very limited in keeping them tanked and since each time they Whirlwind they lose their aggro it becomes nearly impossible to always have them under control. Not only that, but the Warriors can not tank them and instead must kite them around making it even more difficult. So the entire raid must be aware of where the adds are moving at all times and get out of the way if one is coming. The Whirlwind can really hurt a raid after several people are hit and healing starts becoming more and more spread out.

When all of the adds are taken care of then everyone needs to work on Sartura. This can be accomplished by having all of the Rogues “stunlock” Sartura (using stun skills over and over) while everyone just unleashes everything they have. You have a total of ten minutes to get rid of the adds and take care of Sartura, so you may not complete this the first time you do it. Keep working at it, it’s not really that hard of a fight and can easily equate to pre-Nefarian in terms of skill and gear required.

Maltech of Edge of Eternity writes to remind us that Paladins can also use their stuns on both the guards and Sartura. If they assist the Warrior who is on the adds then they can use their stun whenever it's up. Then, you can set up a rotation for Sartura. Remember one Paladin can not overwrite another ones stun!

Remember, you have ten minutes! Good luck. From here you can move onto Fankriss.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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