Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (The Twin Emperors)

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Optional Bosses

The Twin Emperors

The two twin brothers who rule over Qiraji are the first encounter that many consider to be much more difficult then Blackwing Lair, even going as far as to saying they are more difficult then the black dragon Nefarian. Don’t be off your guard with these guys, they are extremely powerful and requires everyone in the raid to be doing something at all times. A mistake by two or three people could lead the raid to wipe and it’s an awful long walk back.


Have your raid split into five groups. These are the generally accepted groups:

Melee DPS: Have all of your melee DPS in one group.
Caster DPS: Have all of your casters in one group.
Healing Group One: This group heals the Emperor Vek’lor tank.
Healing Group Two: This group heals the Emperor Vek’nilash tank.
Mutated Bug Squad: This group consists of two Warriors and two Hunters. The Hunters pull any mutated bugs to the two Warriors in charge of tanking the bugs.


Emperor Vek’nilash

Magical Immunity: He can not be damaged by magical spells.

Unbalancing Strike Massive melee attack dealing between 4000 and 8000 damage.

Uppercut: Does a knockback a target doing 2000-3500 damage.

Mutate Bug: Mutates nearby bugs every 20ish seconds causing them to grow big and do extra damage.

Emperor Vek’lor

Physical Immunity: He can not be damaged by physical attacks.

Shadow Bolt: 3000-4000 damage Shadow Bolt.

Blizzard: A standard Blizzard that snares and does 1500-2000 cold damage a second. counterable by not standing in it or having Frost Ward up.

Arcane Burst: Magical AoE attack that does around 3000 damage and knocks back anyone within range.

Explode Bug: Every 10ish seconds he will explode a nearby bug.

Shared Abilities

Teleport Twin: Every 30ish seconds the twins will switch places.

Heal Brother: They will heal each other if they are nearby one another (therefore why you should tank them apart).

Frenzy: After fifteen minutes they will get bored of you and destroy the entire raid with their magic ability to just go crazy and destroy the raid! They must be killed within fifteen minutes.


This is a very difficult encounter to guide you through since it’s solely based on how much coordination and practice your guild has worked on. In reality, it’s a very simple fight, but a mistake in the transition can lead to one of the emperors running to the other and healing each other to full, successfully wiping your raid. This fight will require a large amount of patience to learn and each guild will have a slightly different way to do it.

First thing to note is that you’ll need two Demonology spec’d Warlocks who have a ton of Shadow Resist and Hit Points. Many of the “tank” Warlocks I’ve seen have near maximum Shadow Resist along with over 8,000 Hit Points. These guys will tank Emperor Vek’lor whose main attack is a Shadow Bolt that can be negated with heavy Shadow Resist.

The way this fight works is that your ranged DPS stays on the stairs while your melee DPS is on the ground. Once the emperors are pulled into position (on opposite sides of one another) you then simply DPS them for twenty seconds, stop DPS and begin the transition. Your melee DPS squad switches sides with your caster DPS since the emperors will teleport to each others location (switching each other out).

You need a Warrior and a Warlock at each tanking spot. The Warlock will tank Vek’lor and the Warrior will tank Vek’nilash. When they teleport they automatically attack the nearest target so you need to ensure the proper tank is in the proper position before the teleport happens. If anyone attacks before the Warlock or Warrior gains aggro then the raid will wipe due to the emperors getting within range of each other or by just wiping the raid with their shear attack strength.

While all of this is going on you need your two mutated bug killing Warriors and Hunters to keep the mutated bugs under control. The raid should lend out any spare DPS to killing the bugs since they will be a constant problem and if they get into the raid then that’s just another pressure that no one needs.

Demoralizing Shout for Warriors is very good for this encounter since their aggro list is wiped on each teleport. Whenever they teleport the Warrior and Warlock (on their respective targets) need to get as much aggro as possible since there is only a 20 second window to do DPS. They share health, so giving the Warlock slightly more time then the Warrior to get aggro is understandable. DoT’s and Disease can grab a lot of aggro while Soul Link can mitigate extra damage.

Once you’ve slayed the “Twin Emps” you can then move on and take on the boss of this instance, C’Thun.

Does your guild have a differnt tactic or is there something else you'd like to submit? Email me at [email protected] or post in our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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