Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Viscidus)

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Viscidus is a giant slime within AQ40 and requires a ton of nature resistance. Realistically he’s generally skipped by most guilds since they don’t really need the loot and he’s an awful lot of trouble. Some guilds will do him though since any additional loot in one week can really help out the progression.


You can either set-up a single tanking group and balance out the rest of the raid with your Hunters or you can set-up multiple groups for taking out globs later on. The choice is up to you!


Poison Shock: Does 1,500ish damage (Nature) every 10 seconds or so. High nature resistance can negate a lot of this damage.

Toxin Clouds: He’ll select someone and send a bolt of toxin their way. When it lands the person will be hit with 1,500ish damage every 2 seconds (no resists) and be snared by 40%. This can be avoided by stepping away from the bolt before it lands.

Poison Bolt Volley: Same one as a few other bosses has, does around 1,200 nature damage while adding a poison that does around 500 nature damage a tick (curable). High nature resist is the only way to counter this (and quick removal of the poison).


Viscidus has three phases. One phase is where you freeze him (by doing frost damage). Once frozen he enters the second stage where you attempt to break his frozen form into a bunch of globs. When completed, the third phrase is 20 or so globs heading to the center at a very slow pace. Each time a glob dies then Viscidus loses 5% of his health.

The strategy for defeating him is simple. Survive the damage while you have your Mages and anyone with a frost attack do as many attacks as possible (use Rank 1 Frost Bolt) to freeze him then have all of your melee switch to fast weapons and hit him as many times as possible. When finished, he’ll break then you can either focus fire or split up and take out as many globs as possible. Continue to repeat until he’s dead. If you are about to wipe then simply run out of his room. He will not leave his room.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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