Section 2.1 - Kurinnaxx

Kurinnaxx is the first boss in the Ruins of Ahn'Quiraj (AQ20) and looks like a very large, very angry scorpion.


Mortal Wound - This is a stacking debuff that gets placed on whoever is in Kurinnaxx's front arc when he attacks with his main cleave attack. This means that if you stand next to the main tank (MT) you will be hit as well. The debuff reduces healing on the target by 10% for 15 seconds and stacks to 100%. This debuff can not be removed, it must time out.

Sand trap - While fighting Kurinnaxx he will cause sand traps to erupt under players feet. The person attacked with this seems to be completely random. This attack is generally referred to as "sand bubbles". It takes a few seconds for the "bubble" to fully form and then explode, so you do have some time to escape. If you are still on it when it bursts, you take up to 2000 damage, suffer a reduced chance to hit (-75%) and are silenced for 20 seconds. The explosion range is about 10 yards.

Thrash - Kurinnaxx has a chance on hit to immediately gain 2 additional attacks. It is very important that the tank be kept near full life in case this happens more than once at a time.

Enrage - At 30% health remaining Kurinnaxx becomes enraged and increases his damage significantly.

Summon - As per all bosses in Ahn'Qiraj 20, Kurinnaxx can summon a player into combat in front of him.


The fight with Kurinnaxx is a fairly easy fight if aggro is controlled and players watch for sand traps. To setup for the fight you should have 3 tanks engage Kurinnaxx and everyone else surround him in a circular shape, keeping spacing so that sand traps do not catch whole groups of players.

The tanks have 2 main jobs throughout the fight:

1) Trade aggro back and forth and announce who has aggro at any given time. Each tank need to trade off to another tank as soon as they get 3 of the Mortal Wound debuffs on them. During this time they should try to let the debuffs cool down and get healed to be ready to take aggro again. When a tank in main tanking Kurinnaxx they will be in front, if not they need to move to the sides so that they are not hit with the Mortal Wound debuff.

2) Move Kurinnaxx around the room so that when sand traps are spawned under someone fighting him (or you!) that others are not caught fighting in them and so that you can see them.

Everyone else in this fight needs to attempt to space out and do either ranged or close combat DPS, or heal the group. As long as you watch for sand traps and keep moving you should be ok. All players should be cautious with their damage though as the tanks will not have as solid a lock on Kurinnaxx as they do on most MOBs due to constantly trading off aggro with other tanks. I have generally heard that DPS should run at about 50 - 70% of your max for most of the fight.

Due to the healing debuff on the tanks, healing will take a lot more mana than normal fights to keep the tanks up. Therefore players should ensure that they heal and bandage themselves whenever they can. While healing it is important to know that Kurinnaxx seems to hit a tank for roughly 900 points a hit, and can stack up multiple hits very quickly if he gets multiple trashes back-to-back. It can be easy for a tank to loose 4000-5000 damage in a few seconds, more if he gets a few criticals!

When Kurinnaxx gets to 30% health remaining he becomes enraged and attacks for more damage (have seen up to 2000 on a normal hit). At this point everyone should max DPS and attempt to get him down as fast as possible.


You can find images from the Kurinnaxx fight in our gallery here: TenTonHammer's AQ20 Gallery.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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