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by David "Xerin" Piner

Page Three: Levels 30-60

The following is a complete guide that takes you from level one to level sixty. The guide is separated so that each "block" of zones has detailed information on what's the best method to get through it, along with information on prime enemies that are really great for "grinding" (the process of killing the same group of NPCs over and over for their experience). If you haven't already, head back to page one and read some very important information to help you through your journey!

[30-40] Thirty to Forty

Zones Visited
Stranglethorn Vale (STV)
Stonetalon Mountains
Arathi Highlands
Thousand Needles
Hillsbrad Foothills
Alterac Mountains

Instances Visited

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Start off by finishing off the Wetlands and the elite quests related to it. These will take you a pretty good way into 30 and get you a FP to Refuge Point in Arathi Highlands. After you finish the Wetlands (The Thandol Span chain and all that) head to Hillsbrad to Southshore. Do a few of the quests you're able to do (which will take you into the Alterac Mountains). When you're at a point you have nothing you can do, head to the Arathi Highlands. You won't have a whole lot you can do, but you'll have enough to get you to 31 or 32, which is an excellent starting point for Stranglethorn Vale. Be sure to do the quests at Nesingwary's camp! (The old Nesingwary is in outland now, but someone still gives the same quests)

Head to STV (Stranglethorn Vale) and start questing at the Alliance camp at 37,3, when you've done as much as you can run down to Booty Bay and get some more quests. Take the boat to Ratchet and head to the Thousand Needles (Shimmering Flats). Here you'll probably get ganked a lot on a PvP server but it's good xp and gets you up in levels making STV a good bit easier. Around 33 head on out to Desolace and do another boat load of quests which will then allow you to do a good bit of STV. Enough to get you to level 36! At which point Arathi Highlands offers plenty of quests along with Hillsbrad. When you get to about level 38, you can start Dustwallow Marsh which will then get you to 40ish.

At some point you'll want to do Gnomeregan, although the quests are mostly out of Ironforge and not out of one particular zone.


Raptors in Stranglethorn Vale (notice that there is a lot of Raptor grinding?) will provide easy prey until you can take on either the Orges in Alterac Mountain (around level 34) or the Venture Co. guys in STV (level 35ish, near the lake in the northern part of the zone). At around level thirty seven you can begin grinding whelps in the Badlands (they are in the valley in the eastern part of the zone), which will easily taken you to level forty two or forty three depending on how fast you can kill them.

[40-50] Forty to Fifty

Zones Visited
The Hinterlands
Blasted Lands
Un'Goro Crater

Instances Visited
Scarlet Monastery
Razorfen Downs

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At level forty, assuming you're almost done with STV, you can head to the Badlands and get to questing. There isn't much there Alliance wise, but there should be enough to get you to about 41 with what is left of STV. At 41, the Alliance can venture into Swamp of Sorrows for a good bit of quests before returning once more to Desolace. When you're about done there, head on out to STV again to once and for all be done with it.

By now you should be 43, so head out to Tanaris and Gadgetzan. Your not going to complete all the quests here, but you can get a good few done. Enough to get you through level 43 that you can probably hit 45 once you start Feralas. Feralas is an annoying zone, but has plenty of quests to get you through to about level 45.

Now here is the thing about Alliance, once you get to 45ish you're going to be in a situation where all of your quests aren't very good. You've got a few options. One is to grind and the other is run Uldaman. I suggest going ahead and running Uldaman. It's an annoying instance and completely skippable, but it should be enough to get you to 46 which with new skills makes things easier.

Speaking of level 46, this is about the time you can start The Hinterlands. For Alliance this is a pretty good zone and is enough to get you to 47 (which is about the point you can finish or at least do more of Feralas). At 47 you can return to Tanaris to grind out the higher level quests that you probably couldn't either get at 43 or couldn't finish. By now you should be 48. Now, there is a few options here. There are a ALOT of level 43-45 group quests in STV that should be green and almost grey by now. These should be soloable, like Big Game Hunter. If you done them with a group earlier then that's cool as well. XP is XP no matter the level (unless the quest is grey).

Now, assuming you're 49 you can probably start the Blasted Lands. If not, get some instance runs down! Zul'Farrak and Razorfen Downs are worth the effort and if you didn't do Scarlet when you hit 40 then get that done as well.


You will most then likely find yourself questless around level forty four or forty five with the quests being either too annoying to do or just lacking in anything worth while. So you’ll probably find yourself grinding out a few levels, don’t worry though there is plenty to grind on!

At level forty you can start grinding on all of the Wastewater Bandits in Tanaris. Pirates are always great to grind on since, like pirates they just melee at you or shoot at you with a gun! Nothing special. There are also the Whelps in the Badlands which can take you up to forty three. Elementals in the Badlands are also good for grinding (and good for cash). At later levels, the harpies in Feralas provide excellent grinding material.

[50-60] Fifty to Sixty

Zones Visited
Un'Goro Crater
Blasted Lands
Burning Steppes
Searing Gorge
Western Plaguelands (WPL)
Eastern Plaguelands (EPL)

Instances Visited
Temple of Atal'Hakkar
Blackrock Depths
Lower Blackrock Spire
Upper Blackrock Spire

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The track to level sixty is a tough one. Very tough, actually. There is a lot of moving around to different zones, a lot of hard quests, and that ever gaining urge to hurry to Outland. I'm going to outline a rough track through these levels, but you'll probably find yourself moving around to the different zones trying to get the easiest quests done.

At about 49 or 50, the Searing Gorge is a great place to start. The amount of quests there is just... insane, especially for the Alliance. There is enough quests to take you all the way to level 51 or even level 52 which is an excellent time to start Un'goro. After you finish with as much as Un'goro, move on to Azshara which. Between Un'goro and Azshara you should easily get to level 53. At 53, move to Felwood (finish as much of Azshara as possible). Felwood should get you to 54 along with finishing the Linken line of quests in Un'goro. 54 is about time for starting Winterspring which technically should get you to 55 (there isn't a lot of quests in Winterspring but there is a pretty good bit).

At 55 you can begin the Burning Steppes and Silithius. This is also the time to start doing the quests in Western Plaguelands. At 57ish you can get through both the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. You can start a little earlier, but saving these zones until you're higher in level is always a GREAT idea since the quests are so much easier.

Avoid the temptation to take the Dark Portal to Outland until sixty, unless you have a friend who can help you get some of the really nice gear real fast then hop back out.

You probably won't find many groups for a lot of the instances except maybe Blackrock Depths, Strat, and Scholo. Try to run the instances as soon as your class can if possible. The XP you get will really help bolster you along and the gear is pretty decent until you can get to Outland.


There is a ton of things to grind on, but here are some highlights. Most of the undead in the plaguelands, the Furbolgs in Felwood, and a lot of enemies in Azshara. At level fifty eight you can do the entire run to sixty off of Yetis in Winterspring.

Thank you for reading this guide! If you have any quests, feel free to email me at [email protected] or make a post in our forums!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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