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U.I mods help shape the world as we know it. Well, at least in Azeroth they
do. In fact most players use at least one U.I. mod during game play.
The reason behind heavy mod usage by players is that, while Blizzard
has made great strides to improve the standard interface, most players
find that it is undoubtedly lacking something.

By the time they reach the endgame most players will have turned to the
realm of mods to help make their game play just a little easier. And
none need more help (especially with the recent changes to healing in
Cataclysm) than the healer. But with the enormous number of mods
available, both good and bad, digging through them all can be a
daunting task. To solve this problem you will find a list of useful
healer related mods below that I have compiled based on my own personal
experiences. Enjoy!

**Please note that the
world of mods is very unstable and while the mods listed above are
still maintained and currently useable with Patch 4.1 this could
change at any time.**


Grid is a party/raid frame add-on and is, in my personal opinion, the be
all end all for healers. Grid takes your standard party and raid frames
and reduces them to a handy dandy
little box that lets you easily find
and select group members while still
being able to keep track of the
rest of your group as well.

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alt="Grid box showing incoming healing." width="100">

Now you might be wondering what is so special about Grid considering
there are a ton of other mods out there that can and will display your
party members. Grid is special because it is designed to display as
much information at a glance to the user as possible. The
player has the option to display useful information such as: buffs,
debuffs, incoming heals, and much, much more, making Grid nothing short
of amazing.

Despite Grid's sheer awesomeness it is a rather complex mod
to set up. It is suggested by both myself and the creators of the mod
that players who choose to use it take a few minutes before doing
anything else to take a glance at the configuration menu and
familiarize yourself with the options
found there. Make it past the
hurdle of configuration and you'll never look back.


Clique is a very simple but powerful add-on that enables click-casting
and hover-casting on your unit frames. What this allows you to do is
bind a specific spell or macro to any mouse or keyboard combination and
then simply hover over your intended target to use it. Still confused
about what Clique can do for you?

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alt="Clique in game tab." width="200">

Let's say that you want to cast Healing Touch on your friend
Memnock. Normally to do this you would need to target Memnock, and then
click the spell (or vice versa),
wasting valuable time which in the
world of healers could mean the difference between life and death. With
Clique you simply need to set a button (or combination of buttons) to
the spell you want to cast and then hover over the player on your raid
frames or in the 3D game world and click your previous set button
combination to cast the spell.

And if you needed any more reason to download the mod; setting up Clique
is an easy process that even the most novice players can manage. Not
mention that when combined with Grid
(mentioned above) you can easily
become the ultimate healing machine.


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alt="Decursive configuration tab." width="200">

Every healing class has the ability to remove some type of debuff whether it be magic, poison, disease, or a curse. Because of
this it is to be expected that sometime in your healing career (as if you didn't already have enough to worry about) that you will
be tasked with the important responsibility of removing debuffs from your group. This can be done by hand, or perhaps with a fancy macro but
why go through all that trouble when you can have Decursive do it for you?

Decursive is useable right from the box as it configures itself
(hallelujah) to every class with cleansing abilities. Once installed,
Decursive will alert you as to when a player is afflicted with a debuff
you are able to dispel. You can then click on a single icon to remove
it from them, making removing debuffs a far simpler process. To top it
off, Decursive uses little memory and only takes up space on your
screen when you need it making this mod a definite must have.


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alt="Casting with Quartz." width="100">

Since casting various spells and abilities are the bread and butter of being a healer it stands to reason that the casting bar plays an
important role. While the in-game cast Quartz can show your global cool down, show the amount of time spent
between cast send and start (latency), can display target and focus buffs and debuffs, shows basic timers as well as a swing timer, and
merges multiple casts of the same tradeskill item into one big cast bar. Quartz can also merge with Flightmap or InFlight to display your
current flight progress. In short, using Quartz will provide you with every bit of casting information you as a healer ever need to know.


class="caption right" href="/node/97998"> src=""
alt="OmniCC timer." width="100">

Ever wondered when that spell or item will be ready for use again? Wonder no more after downloading OmniCC. This mod adds
text to various items, spells, and abilities that have a cool down to let the player know at a glance when they will be once again ready for use. Showing up
in the form of a timer, OmniCC will work pretty much upon install and will ensure that unless you play blindfolded you will never ever miss
an important cool down again.


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alt="" width="100">

While almost everyone is aware of my negative feelings on being a healing meter junkie I do still feel it's important to be
aware of your and the other healers in your groups healing numbers. And there is no better way to do this than with Recount which is why I have
felt the need to include it in this list.

Recount is an easy to use add-on that provides players with large amounts of data about just about anything anyone would care to
know about. Most importantly for healers though is the ability to view overall healing, overhealing, and who healed who and for what amount.
Once again I would like to point out that while using meters to stroke your epeen is never a good thing, when used in the right way Recount
can be a useful tool to help identify your faults and improve your healing skills.


class="caption right" href="/node/97999"> src=""
alt="PlayerScore's Summary Tab" width="150">

PlayerScore is our own personal in house mod right here at Ten Ton Hammer and while it's not really a healing-specific add-on,
what player doesn't like to be able to compare and "score" their gear? PlayerScore not only provides a players item level average, but also has many other cool functions such as: a chart showing all of a player's equipment including gems and enchants, a chart of various dungeons and raids appropriate
for your character, raiding progression, news about World of Warcraft right in game and so much more!

Not to mention every time someone downloads PlayerScore an angel gets its wings... or was that a bell? Why chance it? Download PlayerScore!

Have your own personal favorite healing add-on? Help a fellow healer out and share it with us in the comment section below!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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