In Destiny a single rocket is worth a thousand words… or maybe it’s a thousand thrall? Either way, rocket launchers are a great way to lay some heavy devastation on groups of enemies and tough to kill single targets such as raid/ strike bosses and those pesky shielded majors.

That being said, not all rocket launchers are created equal, in fact having a high quality exotic or legendary rocket launcher is practically a requirement for some of the games top tier content including Crota and the Vault of Glass. Which is ironic because that’s where you’ll have to go to get a lot of them.

What makes a good rocket launcher is not just the damage it does but the special abilities it has. Some rocket launchers can track enemy targets, or have their rockets split into a bunch of other little bombs on impact, greatly increasing their AoE damage output. While each player will have their own tastes when it comes to weapons, here’s a list of the most powerful rockets launchers we like in Destiny.

Hunger of Crota

The Hunger of Crota is one of the possible weapon drops you can receive off of Crota in the Crota’s End Raid, and is widely considered to be the second best rocket launcher in the game second only to the exotic Gjallahorn.

This status comes because it shares many of the same special abilities as the exotic rocket launcher does including target tracking and the cluster bomb effect on impact. Because it’s a legendary it also opens up your inventory for equipping an exotic elsewhere.

Dragons Breath

Although it doesn’t pack the cluster bomb special upgrade, the Dragon’s Breath more than makes up for it with a devastating blast radius and increased magazine size. Not only that, on detonation the Dragon’s Breath leaves a massive solar flare detonation at the point of impact, obliterating anything that managed to survive the initial explosion.

Radegast’s Fury

The Fury is picked up from the Iron Banner vendor if you’ve managed to attain rank 4 status with the faction. When you first pick up the weapon it will have a random selection of special upgrades and perks, but like the other Iron Banner weapons, it can be reforged by spending Motes of Light so you can choose the upgrades you want.

There is a large selection of special unlocks available during reforging, including cluster bombs, Grenades and Horseshoes, tracking and more.

The rocket launcher is a good choice for those looking to customize their weapon just the way they want it, or players who don’t enjoy waiting for random drops.


The pinnacle of rocket launcher perfection, the Gjallahorn features precise target tracking and cluster missiles that will seek out the target after the initial detonation. Ask any Destiny player about their ideal heavy weapon and chances are they will choose the Gjallahorn.

Although it’s been in the game since it’s launch, the Gjallahorn has become a staple for completing the latest DLC, Crota’s End. It’s high damage, tracking primary and cluster missiles make it perfect for shredding Crota’s shield quickly, leaving him vulnerable to sword attack.

If you manage to get your hands on the Gjallahorn, consider yourself lucky, you are in possession of the most powerful rocket launchers in the game.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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