Ytzy, who's a clever Division 2 player, has been beavering away over the last few weeks to discover all 8 Exotic Weapons. With only one left for the community to find, here's how to get 7/8 (we'll update the eighth when we have it). The weapons are:

  • 3 Exotic drops (Rifle (Merciless), Shotgun (Sweet Dreams), LMG (Pestilence))
  • 3 Crafted Legendarys (SMG (The Chatterbox), Pistol (Kendra's Liberty), Sniper Rifle (Nemesis))
  • 2 Pre-Order Legendarys (Shotgun (Lullaby), Rifle (Ruthless))

Merciless (Rifle)

  • Bank Headquarters, Grand Hashington Hotel, District Union Arena, Jefferson Trade Center (any named enemy Hyena drop)
  • Attributes 
  • Effects

Sweet Dreams (Shotgun)

  • Potomac Event Center, Roosevelt, Federal Emergency Bunker, DCD HQ (any named enemy Hyena drop)
  • Attributes 
  • Effects

Pestilence (LMG) 

Lullaby (Shotgun)

Ruthless (Rifle)

Note: The pre-order exotics are largely the same, but they're bothing missing bonuses.

Kendra's Liberty (Pistol - Crafted)

The Chatterbox (SMG - Crafted)

Nemesis (Sniper - Crafted)

  • Complete all missions on Invaded:
    • Part 1: Tidal Basin: Obtain the Keycard and open the secret room before the boss. Loot the named SR-1 and dismantle it. 

    • Part 2: Capitol Hill INVADED

    • Part 3: Rosvelt island INVADED

    • Part4: Union Arena INVADED

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Last Updated: Apr 15, 2019

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