The Everling Lockets

Map 1 (Level 1)

I will be using the numbers on the above map for reference, Please
refer to it for full effect. Also I'll be moving thru the zone greyed
out so only mentioning the mobs you have to kill to advance not just
the ones you need to live. Be safe.

First off upon zoning head to Room 6 on the map. This is the Chapel.
Kill the first wave of creatures you find in here. After they are all
dead a Named will spawn. Kill them too. (Cue spawn Alexa). Hail Alexa
to get start the quest. Next you will head to Room 10. Click the tables
and the dart board until you find a hastily scribbled note. Read the
note to learn about the secret passage. Upon exiting the room head left
and click on the candle to open the secret door. And up the stairs you

Map 2 (Level 3)

This is the most complicated portion and the part that is the most
frustrating for most who enter the castle.

So now your in Elise's Bedroom. Bottom left corner, Room number 1.
Elise wont be in her room. But the book on her desk you can click on
and read. Upon reading she will spawn up on the catwalk, you should
find Alexa up here talk to her to learn more about the lockets. Go to
(Elise) and kill her first. Kill Shiela in her room. Kill Crysta's
Handmaiden. (Notice we are going counter clockwise around the towers).
Kill Melanie and Crysta, They're together in Melanie's room. Kill Jenni
in her room. BE CAREFUL. In Deidre's room. Jump over the stair railing
and get to the stairs going down. At the
bottom of the stairs is a level 42^^^ mob. He hits hard. But has a
short attack range and is rooted. Head down the stairs and Kill Deidre
at the bottom. Alexa will spawn again. Listen to her babble again at
length. All doors in the castle should be unlocked. Head back up into
the Epic mob room and run thru the door hes guarding. If your quick he
wont even be able to attack you. Keep running dont stop once your thru
the door, to make sure you dont get killed by him.

1. Click And Read Book In Elise's Room.

2. Walk to the catwalk (Elise), and Kill her.

3. Go to Room 6, Shiela's room, and click the chest. She will then
Spawn under the stairs. Kill Shiela.

4. Go to Room 5, Crysta's room, Kill her hand maiden, Click the bed and
see that she liked to play in Melanie's room.

5. Go to Room 4, Melanie's room, Because Crysta's Handmaiden is dead,
Crysta and Melanie are there. Kill them.

6. Go to Room 3, Jenni's room, Kill Jenni.


8. Go to Room 2, Deidre's Room,

9. Down the stairs.

10. Kill Deidre

Map 3 (Level 2)

Your journal says I should find a way into the basement. If it does
Continue. If it doesnt you missed a sister.

Take the second door on your right. Should be to room 4, on the above
map. Follow the path around and take the first door on your left. Past
the staircase down to the first level and into the hallway. Hang a
right. Take the first door on your right at room 11. Kill the
caretakers and the decayed corpses. Ohhh you have found a strange key.
Exit this room and turn left back the way you came. You can now click
the 2nd door you come to. Enter the captains study. Infront of you and
slightly to the left is a book on a stand. Read the book. Only one
person has to do so but once its read Guard Captain Ga'vin will run in
the room. Kill him. There is an urn in this room next to the bookcase.
Click it and the bookcases should slide open revealing a way down into
the basement. At the bottom of the stairs is a wall you click on to
make it spin around and open.

Map 4 (Basement)

Now Back to the easy paths.

You have just entered the room with all the rats on the upper portion
of the map from the left hand side. Dont click anything here, as the
wine racks spawn big groups of monsters you dont really need to kill.
Follow the obvious path ignoring the brance off to the left. Past the
named beetles until you find alexa. Talk to her again. Back the way you
came until you come to the Scroll room. One of the wall sconces is
selectable to open the door. Enter inside and click the scroll on the
desk. Exit the scroll room and turn right. The wall should be
selectable now allowing you to open it and follow this new path. Follow
the wall to the left to find alexa again. Hail her and she will become
attackable. Kill her now. Ollix Everling will now spawn, and talk to
you. Kill him aswell. Follow the wall to the left into the room with
Coffins. You want to use the secret door to go to a new hallway not
back to the rat room. Make sure your tank is in the lead at this point.
Upon crossing certain areas traps will spring and monsters will attack
the person who sprung them. Continue along this path until you find
yourself at a door, inside this door is a named patchworked named The
Juggernaught. Having everyone run in here and the tank hold agro
everyone clicks the book on the desk to get a quest that only involves
killing The Juggernaught. So youve dispatched the Juggernaught, Next
step is Everling. Walking into this room will cause Everling to start
talking and upon completion of his talking he will attack.

Needed For: href="">Haddens
Earring, href="">Ghoulbane,
Missing Mask

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016