You’ve downloaded the massive patch for World of Warcraft and are now ready to play 4.0.1 but what should you start with? There is a lot to be done in the new patch and we’re here to help you get into the game without much hassle or arguing with General Chat to figure out where to go. So let’s get started with the five things you need to do starting in 4.0.1.

Before we begin, be sure to check out our 4.0.1 Resource Portal for a list of guides and articles that’ll help you answer a lot of the advanced questions such as “what has changed for my talents?” and “how does this new U.I. work?”

1.  Patch your game client and get into the game.

If you haven’t already then you need to start getting that patch downloading. It’s important that you start as soon as possible because this is a big one. It weights over four gigabytes and can take anywhere from 5 hours to an entire day to download (weighing in at 4.76 gigabytes total). Be sure you’re patching or expect massive delays getting into the game.

The game is a huge download, but the new launcher does help things allowing you to play while downloading more of the data.

If you’re having a very slow time downloading the patch then you can look for alternatives. Patch mirrors exist, but are extremely slow currently. You can try disabling or enabling peer-to-peer transfers in order to see if that’ll speed up the download.

2. Update your addons and turn on the “load out of date” addons option.

It’s important to start updating your addons as soon as possible because a lot has changed with addons and 4.0.1. You’ll want to start searching out new updates and getting them installed as fast as possible. Older addons may still work, so look for the “load out of date” addons option on the addons screen accessible at character selection.

3. Begin learning glyphs.

The entire glyph system has changed. Glyphs are no longer a one-time use consumable to apply an affect and are now instead like scrolls that teach you the glyph which lets you use that glyph whenever you need to. Be wary of the auction house because glyph prices are currently hyper inflated due to the massive demand. This can work in your favor because it’s now a great time to unload any spare herbs or inks to inscribers for big money.

Be sure to look at our Reforging Guide to get a grasp on this new mechanic.

In the same light, now is also a great time to begin unloading all of your extra resources. You won’t need them as much in Cataclysm and demand is very high for a lot of materials. So you can make some extra cash off of all the herbs and metals currently sitting in your bank (assuming demand is high on your server).

4. Work on your new talent trees.

Every class got a new talent tree in 4.0.1 and you’ll need to learn all of your talents over again. It can be difficult to spec in 4.0.1 but we’re here to help. Take a look at our 4.0.1 Resource Portal for links to guides about the Mastery System, Talents, and individual class guides to help you with your talents.

5. Reforge, Practice, and Conquer

You’ll want to take a look at the gems in your gear because gems have been changed drastically along with statistics on armor. A great example is that Intellect is now a red gem since Spell Power is no longer on any of your gear (Intellect replaced it). You’ll also want to take advantage of Reforging which will allow you to customize your armor to your play style and class. Then once your glyphs, talents, and gear have been checked it is off to the practice dummy to test your new DPS (healers and tanks (especially Paladin tanks) might want to run some practice 5-mans instead).

When you’ve completed all five steps it’s now time to work on the content between now and Cataclysm. You’ll want to start earning achievements you may no longer be able to get in Cataclysm, start exploring the world, and farming up gold and heirlooms for the long track to level 85.

Are you settled into patch 4.0.1 or are you still confused with what to do? Come to the Ten Ton Hammer community forums and share your opinions or ask any questions you have in our 4.0.1 megathread!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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