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Finding quests got you down? The rest of your friends or guild mates already blown past you to 60 or even worse 70? Want to get to level 60 as quickly as possible to experience the Burning Crusade content? Join the crowd! Getting to level 70 fast is the goal of most WoW players, however the first step is getting through the regular WoW content. It's true, there are those out there that want to experience the joy of exploring and finding out things on your own. But hey, they are the minority! Most players now just want to burn through the old WoW content and play in the Outlands.

Without further delay, I present our leveling guide from level 20 to 60. This guide is meant to show you the fastest way to level from 20 to level 60. This is from our experience and research and has proved to be very fast, however there is always room for improvement. So if you see spots for tweaks, please send them in!

We do not cover the very early levels as they are so simple that any explanation seems redundant. Most players can get to level 10 in a few hours in their starting zone and then to level 20 within a day in their first real exploration zone. Therefore we are going to start at level 20 where it starts to take longer and requires more effort to level. For the Horde this is also the same time you will start your exploration out of the Barrens and into the surrounding zones.

Throughout the guide you will find several comments and notes set apart in colored frames. They represent the following:

Blue frames represent instance opportunities. They highlight the instances that are appropriate and available for your level. They mention some of the instance details and link to guides for the instance.

While instances are completely optional and many players feel they slow down your leveling, I strongly suggest them for several reasons. The first being that WoW is an MMO and you should group occasionally. Secondly they provide a break from the straight questing and grinding od the rest of the game. Lastly they provide some of the best gear in the game at your current progression level, which will speed up your questing and leveling once you have finished the instance.

Yellow frames represent grinding opportunities.

There are several areas in the game where it can be more efficient to grind out that next level than to complete quests. While I try to point out quest opportunities at every stage of the game, sometimes even with quests you just will not get enough experience for that next level. It may be that you just can't finish some because they are over farmed, or the quest that takes 200 kills for everyone else to get 10 drops took you 10 kills. Either way, you may need to grind occasionally.

The easiest way to follow this guide is to alt-tab to it from WoW after completing a batch of quests. You can also print it out and follow it that way, but ink these days is just too expensive.

Level Twenty to Twenty One

Stonetalon Mountains

Click the image to open a separate window to our quest database, where you can find additional information on each quest, larger maps and more.

Level 20 should see you having finished up the quests in the Barrens and ready to explore other surrounding zones. The first of these will be the Stonetalon mountains to the north and west, which you may have explored briefly earlier. If you have done some of the early quests, skip them and continue on to ones you have not done. If at all possible you should come into this guide with at least level 20 1/4 to 1/2 completed. If you don't you should spend some additional time grinding along the way between quests.

Before heading to the Stonetalon Mountains you should make sure you have the "Letter to Jin'Zil", "Report to Kadrak" and "Deepmoss Spider Eggs" quests from the Crossroads and the "Ziz Fizziks" quest from Ratchet. Once you have these pre-requisite quests head north to the Stonetalon Mountains.
The first quests in the zone are really meant for level 16ish players, however if you haven't done them, feel free to do so now. Get "Goblin Invaders" and "Avenge My Village" from the quest giver found just before entering the zone at the edge of the Barrens.
Venture into the zone slightly to find the MOBs to complete "Avenge My Village" and then return to get the follow up quest "Killing Grundig Darkcloud". You can find him further along the path and north into the village at 73,86. Once done turn the quest in.
Follow the path west into the zone until you come to Malaka'Jin where you should turn in the "Letter to Jin'Zil" and get "Jin'Zil's Forest Magic" and "Blood Feeders".
Follow the path west and then just before the the fork turn west to complete "Deepmoss Spider Eggs" and "Blood Feeders" near 54,76.
Follow the path north and a little ways up the north fork in Windshear Crag you will find "Ziz Fizziks" in a hut and can get "Super Reaper 6000".
Complete "Goblin Invaders" and "Super Reaper 6000" in the Windshear Crag area to the north. Turn in "Super Reaper 6000" in the hut and get "Further Instructions".

The MOBs in the Windshear Crag area provide an excellent grinding opportunity because they die very quickly and there are MANY of them around. You should spend some time killing MOBs here to push that experience bar a bit further. I spent time getting about 5-8 bubbles of experience here very quickly.

If you haven't run through the Wailing Caverns yet, this is your last chance to get experience at it. You should keep your eyes out for a group until you get to go through it.

You can find a complete guide on the instance here: TenTonHammer's Guide to The Wailing Caverns.

Follow the west fork in the road to get to Sun Rock Retreat. Once there make sure you get the flight point found on the south west corner of the large round building. Find the west path out of the village to find the quest giver for "Boulderslide Ravine".
Head back south following the path until it starts turning east. At that point you should be able to find and complete "Boulderslide Ravine" near 61,92.
Return to Malaka'Jin and turn in "Blood Feeders", then continue back to the Barrens to turn in "Goblin Invaders" and get "Shredding Machines" and "The Elder Crone".
At this point you should be about 1/2 through level 21. Follow the path east to Ashenvale to start the next part of your journey.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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