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To complete your thirty-second level we are going to return to the Thousand Needles zone. This time though we will move to the salt flat type area at the east end of the zone called the Shimmering Flats. For what initially appears as a barren section of land, there is a ton going on there. It should keep you busy for quite a while.

Level Thirty Two

Thousand Needles

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Make your way from Freewind Post along the road to the east into the Shimmering Flats and find the goblin race track in the center. Once you get there, talk to the various NPC's and get the quests: "A Bump in the Road", "Hardened Shells", "Rocket Car Parts", "Salt Flat Venom" and "Load Lightning".

While working on all the quests, keep an eye out for "Rocket Car Parts" scattered all over the ground. Pick them up as you come by them while doing other quests.

Head to the pit just north of the track to kill the basilisks, crystal hides and gazers to complete "A Bump in the Road".

All around the track you can find groups of tortoises for the "Hardened Shell" quest. The good shells don't always drop often, so be prepared to grind for a while. The best spot to get them for me, is along the east edge of the zone so that you can also work on the next quest at the same time, moving between the two types of MOBs.

You can find the vultures for "Load Lightening" almost directly east of the northern pit in the zone. The exact location is 88,65.

Next head to the north west area of the Shimmering Flats to find the scorpions for "Salt Flat Venom". I found the best concentration of them around 71,74.

There are many areas in the zone that are great grinding spots. My favorites are the pit just north of the race track or the pit at the far south end of the zone. There are several bits of wreckage around the area where groups of MOBs gather as well, any of those make great spots, as do any of the spots for the above quests.

Once you are done the above turn all the quests back in at the race track. At this point you should be at least half way through level 32. You can either grind out the remainder of the level here, or finish it in the next zone you explore, which is going to be Desolace. Either way is fine as you will not be getting any new abilities until 34 anyway.

Before moving into the zone though, there are a few quests you should pickup to complete there.

Your first stop should be to visit the hut west of the Crossroads in the Barrens to get "The Kolkar of Desolace", then fly to Orgrimmar.

In Orgimmar get "Alliance Relations" from Drok in the Cleft of Shadows and then talk to Keldran near the west exit of town to turn it in and get the second part in the chain (which has the same quest name).

Now fly to the Stonetalon Mountains and make your way into the Desolace through the passage to the south west of town through the Charred Vale.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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