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For levels thirty five and thirty six we return to the Arathi Highlands to further explore the area. The first time in the zone we did a quick quest, got the flightpoint and left. This time though we will clear most of the quests available in the zone before moving on, so be prepared to get familiar with the zone.

Levels Thirty Five and Thirty Six

Arathi Highlands

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Once you arrive in Hammerfall in the Arathi Highlands you should turn in "Trollbane" that you just got from Grom'gol in Stranglethorn Vale and get "Sigil of Strom". It is an elite quest though and unless you can easily find some help for it, drop it when you leave the zone later.

While still in town get the quests "Call to Arms", "Foul Magics", and "Guile of the Raptor".

Travel just west of Hammerfall to the stone ring located near 59,35 and get the quest "The Princess Trapped".

Make you way south to complete "Call to Arms" at the lake in the south east corner of the zone. To ensure that you gain both levels while in the zone you should grind between all quests, killing everything in your path.
Return north and just east of Hammerfall to find the cave at 80,40 to turn in "The Princess Trapped" and get "Stones of Binding".
Return to Hammerfall and turn in part 1 of "Call to Arms" and get the second quest in the chain which is again called "Call to Arms".
Travel west and slightly north out of Hammerfall to find the first key for "Stones of Binding". The exact location is 62,29.
Next head south east to the farm at 54,40 to complete "To Steal from Thieves". You may want to grind here a little as well as the MOBs are fairly dense and easy to kill.
Just south west of the farm you can find the second key for "Stones of Binding" near 52,50.

There are many excellent places to grind in the zone, which to use should depend on your profession. If you are a skinner grinding around the raptors is a great idea, while if you are a herbologist or miner patrolling the edges of the zone is the best plan.

While in the zone you should keep your eyes on your chat box to see if anyone is looking for a Stromguard group. There are a number of quests there and you can easily get 1/2 a level there if you happen to get a group for the quests.

Both "Call to Arms" and "Guile of the Raptor" can be completed just east of the road and river that heads south out of zone. the spot is almost exactly in the center of the zone along the southern edge.

Next, move all the way to the north west corner o the zone to complete "Foul Magics" near 30,28 and the the last key for the "Stones of Binding" at 25,30.

To turn in "Stones of Binding" head the to Circle of Inner Binding at 35,59. If you can find a group you can do the next quest in the chain "Breaking the Keystone" but if not you can skip it.

Make you way back to Hammerfall and turn in all you quests and complete the annoying "Guile of the Raptor" quest with its many "talk to" quests in town.
If you can find a group, now is a great tome to finish the Stromguard quest chains. However if you can not, you should grind out the remainder of level 36 and hit 37. If you can get a group for Stromguard, you should easily be able to get to about 1/3 of level 37.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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