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Next up on our adventures through Azeroth is a visit to the haunted forest of Felwood. This zone has many quests all tightly packed into a small area. The only issue many players have with the zone is that it is very narrow and north south. You often have to travel from one end to the other to get and turn in quests.

There is many quests here though, and we will work through the rest of level fifty four and most of fifty five.

Level Fifty Four to Fifty Five


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When you first enter the zone find Maybess Riverbreeze on the west side of the road near 47,83 and get the quest "Cleansing Felwood".

Next cross the road to find Greta Mosshoof in the little camp near 51,82 and get "Forces of Jaedenar" and "Verifying the Corruption".
Head north up the road to find the "Forces of Jaendanar". Once done follow the river west to find Bloodvenom Post.
At the post make sure you get the flight path and then the following quests: "A Husband's Last Battle", Well of Corruption" and "Wild Guardians".
Go back to the road and move north to do "Verifying the Corruption" then travel all the way north and east to find and complete "Cleansing Felwood"and "The Strength of Corruption" near 55,18.
Move just north to find Grazle near the cave entrance and get "Deadwood of the North" and "Timbermaw Ally".
You can do "Deadwood of the North" right at the base of the hill then turn it in to Grazle.
Head all the way back to the south end of the zone to turn in "Cleansing Felwood", "Forces of Jaedenar", and "Verifying the Corruption". Get the "Collection of the Corrupt Water" quest while there.
While deep in the south grind away rep killing the mobs for "Timbermaw Ally". You can travel back and forth turning it in for additional rep, but it is just as easy to keep killing the MOBs and getting rep from the kills instead of the turn ins. The grind takes a long time, but you want to get to at least neutral so that you can pass through the tunnel to Winterspring. You can do some now and some later.
While there you can also complete "A Husband's Last Battle".
Next travel north to 32,66 and finish "Well of Corruption", then travel further north into Jaedenar to finish "Collection of the Corrupt Water".
Return to the Bloodvenom Post to turn in your quests and then get the follow up "Corrupted Sabers". Move south to complete it just south of Jaedenar and then head further south to turn in "Collection of the Corrupt".
Return to the post once again and turn in "Corrupted Sabers".
If you do not have friendly reputation yet with the timbermaw then continue to grind out reputation until you can pass through the tunnel into Winterspring safely.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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