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This part of our guide focuses on completing level 25. This will take place primarily in the Southern Barrens and the zone just south of it Thousand Needles. Between these two areas you should be able to get from the start of level 25 through to level 26 and a few bubbles in.

Level Twenty Five

The Barrens

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While in Camp Taurajo make sure you get the quest "A New Ore Sample" so that you have it for in the Thousand Needles and then head south and travel east on the road to Dustwallow marsh.
Just south of the road, right before entering the marsh you should find "Washte Pawne" which starts a quest of his name from the drop of a feather.

Go south to the dwarf area to get the items for "Revenge of Gann" at the Hold at 48,83, then turn it in for the next part of the same name.

Complete this part of "Revenge of Gann" at the mine by destroying the flyer at 46,85 and then turn it in for your reward and travel south to the edge of the zone to the Great Lift. Gann should also give you "The Sacred Flame" which will be done later.
At the great lift turn in the quest "Calling in the Reserves" and get a "Message to Freewind Post" with the guards there.
Travel down the great lift and then head south east to Freewind Post in the Thousand Needles.

Thousand Needles

Click the image to open a separate window to our quest database, where you can find additional information on each quest, larger maps and more.

Turn in the "Message to Freewind Post" quest and get "Pacify the Centaur", "Alien Egg", and "Wind Rider".. Also make sure you grab the flight point in town.
Take the lift down from Freewind Post and take a few steps north of the road to ding the centaurs for "Pacify the Centaur".

The Centaur camp is a great grinding place, and in fact you are almost forced to grind for a while there due to the low numbers of some of the specific MOBs you require. It is worth hanging out here for a little while though as the cloth and gold go well with the experience.

From the Centaur area follow the north rock face east to find a cave near 52,42. Here you can complete a "Test of Faith".
Just south of the cave you should find the MOBs that drop "A New Ore Sample". It generally takes a few kills to get one to drop, so keep trying until you get one.
Go south across the road to the southern cliff face to hunt for the "Alien Egg". It has several spawning points but can be found between 41,60 and 52,56 along the cliff.
Return to Freewind Post and turn in "Alien Egg" and "Pacify the Centaur" and get the follow ups "Grimtotem Spying" and "Serpent Wild".
Fly back to Camp Taurajo in the Barrens to turn in "A New Ore Sample" and "Washte Pawne", in return you should get "Cry of the Thunderhawk".
"Cry of the Thunderhawk" can be completed near 46, 73 and then if you are not already 26 grind out the rest of the level until you are and then turn in the quest at camp.
Get "Melor Sends Word" and fly to Thunderbluff to turn it on on the Hunter Rise for "Steelsnap".
Train with your level 26 abilities and get ready for the next zone.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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