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For level 29 we head to one of my favorite low level zones. It's a favorite because of the quests that have you attack various human settlements. The quests do a very good job of making you feel like you are participating in the war against the Alliance. None of the quests do this more for me than the various ones in the Hillsbrad Fields and the Helcular's Rod quest.

Level Twenty Nine

Hillsbrad Foothills

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At Tarren Mill make sure you get the flight path as you will likely have to run into the zone from the Undercity the first time you come here. This is not something you want to do more than once if you can avoid it.

In Tauren Mill get "Helcular's Revenge", "Elixir of Suffering" and "Battle of Hillsbrad".

While the "Battle of Hillsbrad" is a bit low on the level scale, you will still get experience and the follow up quests become well worth it.

The ingredients for the "Elixir of Suffering" can be found from the MOBs directly south of town, the drop rate is very low though and it can be frustrating. Turn it in and get the next part of the chain "Elixir of Pain".

From here head west to a cave near 46,32 which you can find easily by looking for the Yetis. Enter the cave and kill Yetis until the rod for "Helcular's Revenge" drops. If you thought the drop rate on the previous quest was bad, just wait for this one... Many players have spent hours grinding before finally giving up.

It is great forced grinding though and offers lots of experience.

On the way back to town from the yeti's cave kill the mountain lions for their blood to finish "Elixir of Pain". Turn it in back at town for the next part of the quest, which has the same name.
Travel west to the Hillbrad Fields to complete "Battle of Hillsbrad" by slaying the farmers and field hands around the south east edge of the area. You can find the two named farmers near 32,34 and 35,40 with the farmers and farmhands in the same area. While there travel to the north part of Hillsbrad to finish the "Elixir of Pain" by poisioning Stanely at 32,36.
Return to Tarren Mill and turn in your quests and get the next parts of the chains: "Helcular's Revenge", "Elixir of Agony" and the second part of "Battle of Hillsbrad".
At this point you should be well into level 30. However If you are still not for some reason then you should either grind for a while or find an instance group.

The Hillsbrad Fields are an amazing place to grind and on several characters I have used it as a place to speed through several levels. Normally though these levels are so fast that by the time you complete the quests here, you don't need to grind.

Level 29 is still a great level to do the Blackfathom Deeps instance and if you haven't been there yet, you really should go.It may take a while to find a group, but if you can it is a fun instance.

You can find a complete guide here: TenTonHammer's Guide to Blackfathom Deeps

Return to Hillsbrad to do the second quest in the "Battle of Hillsbrad" chain. This time killing the Hillsbrad Peasants.
You can move through the next several parts of the "Battle of Hillsbrad" chain by moving from town to Hillsbrad and back to get the mobs. The next part has you kill of the Blacksmith and his apprentices at the south west corner of town.
The next part in the chian has you venture into the town hall area of Hillbrad to kill the Magistra and his councilmen. You can find him in the building at 29,41. Once done turn it in and get the next part.
This part of "Battle of Hillsbrad" has you venture into the mine at 26,61 to kill Foreman Bonds and a bunch of Miners. The mine is packed full of MOBs but you should be able to manage as they are mainly level 28ish. You can turn this in and get the next part, but your will likely have to leave it for a while unless you can find a group as it takes place far to the east in the Dwarf stronghold of Dun Garok near 69,78.
At this point I was about mid way through level 30 and ready to move on to some other areas.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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