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Kylong Plains seems to be the area that used to be known as The Dreadlands in EQ1 and is home of the formidable Karnor's Castle. Largely a wide, open, and untamed space there is plenty to do for the level range, and unless you make the effort, you just miss the vast majority of all this zone has to offer.

One of the best features of the Rise of Kunark expansion is the change of scenery without the annoyance of zone lines. You'll see that you can go from beach to mountains to forest floor without anything to interfere in your travels.

Another big plus of this zone is the amount of quests and the progression of quest lines throughout the area. Starting at the docks you'll find yourself quickly roped into ongoing storylines that will end up taking you all over Kylong Plains and eventually into the surrounding zones. It truly makes leveling up, making some coin, and getting to know the new zones very easy and grind free.

Please keep in mind that you do need to own the Rise of Kunark expansion to experience Kylong Plains. To get there from the mainlands, take the boat from the Antonica or Commonlands docks.


Minimum Level

Kylong Plains is geared towards the late 60s through the early 70s level of players. Adventuring into the zone too much earlier than that will get you killed if you leave the docks and past about level 72 you benefit more from making your way into Fens of Nathsar.


Connecting Zones

The Kylong Plains docks are accessible from the Antonica and Commonlands docks via boat. From there, you can reach the overland zones of Fens of Nathsar and Jarsath Wastes, and the heroic areas of Chardok and Karnor's Castle.



Kylong Plains is packed full of quests. I've completed 48 quests there and out leveled them before I could work all of the factions! This makes level through your late 60s and early 70s very easy and grind free, which is something that most of us were hoping for with Rise of Kunark.

So what quests do you absolutely need to do? Teren's Grasp is the hub of the zone and a place in which you need to have good faction with if you don't want to spend all of your time traveling between RoK and the home cities.

Aside from strategically gaining faction, there are a couple of quest lines you won't want to skip.

Language Quests: The Di'Zokian language is done in Kylong Plains. The language quests are more complicated than they used to be, but well worth the time it takes.

With that, you'll need the Di'Zokian language to complete this Thuuga series which originates in Kylong Plains. This quest line yields a very nice Fable reward and the whole thing can be soloed from the minimum level of 70.

Another very valuable series of quests is the Hallmark quests done for the sokokar posts. These quests start with the halfling Borbin Happens (loc 385, 12, 251).

Cutting Your Teeth by Cutting Theirs (level 68) - Borbin will asks you to kill various drolvargs for their teeth. These are all found to the north of the docks.

A Watchful Eye (level 69) - Borbin sends you to speak with Hailene Hoss who is standing right next to the dock's sokokar post. She'll give you a hawk that you need to release near the walls of Karnor's Castle (found to the northeast..big building, can't miss it!).

My Enemy's Enemy (level 69) - Speak with the giant in the hollow tree just west of Karnor's Castle, then place the homing beacon by right clicking it from your inventory.

Lynchpin's Abduction (level 70) - You need to find Lynchpin and rescue her! Lynchpin is located in a hollow tree (loc 392, 22, -171) south of Karnor's Castle. Slay the drolvargs surrounding the tree and inside, then free her. She'll take you back to the docks.

Here in my Sokokar I Feel Safest of All (level 70) - Speak with Stewlin Vincent up at Teren's Grasp. To get there, use the sokokar post.

You now have you own sokokar pet and a sweet ride from post to post in RoK! Note that you do need to visit and activate each post once by clicking on it before you can use it.

There are too many quests to write them all out, but be sure to hit the major NPC outposts and towns. Because faction is a major player in this expansion, you might visit an area and see only one quest available. Don't get discouraged or think that there are no quests there! A lot of times if you do a couple of quests from one giver, as soon as you build up a bit of faction, many more quests will become available. Re-visit areas from time to time to see if more have become available to you.


Soloing Opportunities

The Rise of Kunark zones add a plethora of soloing content. Grinding out levels is not as effective as it used to be, particularly in the higher levels, so if you are looking to gain experience quickly you will want to be doing the quests made available. The quests have sort of a natural progression to them and they will lead you from one area to the next as you go. The major quest areas are more or less near the sokokar posts, so I suggest make finding all of those, your first order of business!

If you are absolutely stuck on grinding out levels or just happen to enjoy tearing down mobs, do some double duty! The drachnid and di'zok lore and legend quests can both be completed in Kylong Plains, though you do have to wonder in Kunzar Jungle to get the di'zok book. Kill for hours on end and get those L&L masteries while you're at it!

Another good soloing tactic to keep from robbing yourself of the coin that you make with questing, is to kill in the good harvesting areas. I happen to prefer the caves either in the drachnid area, or up in the yeti caves. Both have tons of mobs but also a good amount of harvest nodes for those sometimes VERY hard to find mining rares.


Grouping Opportunities

The new trend in EverQuest II is keeping the heroic content in manageable areas, most of these areas being instanced zones. This trend very much continues into Kylong Plains and you'll find very little true heroic content in this zone. For groups, you're better off gathering the same quests, quest lines, or city tasks as your groupmates and doing those together. There are plenty of quests, some heroic, that make this a viable way of grouping.

Kylong Plains does have some nice heroic zones. Karnor's Castle near the docks is a great group zone for the early to mid 70s. Chardok is a bit higher level but is another very nice group zone.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016