The Power of 20-sided Dice Compels You!

Tonight's contribution to Wizard Week here at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer
comes from Darkgolem. The Mastermind is a pure wizard Custom Build that
focuses on crowd control through judicious spell selection and maximum
use of Metamagic Feats:

Spell Focus (Illusion) and (Enchantment) allow Hypnotic
Pattern and the
charm spells to be used with maximum effectiveness. Alternately, if you
choose Spell Focus (Necromancy), then your Mastermind will be better
with Command Undead and Halt Undead. Heighten Spell allows the
Mastermind to save spell points using heightened charms and Command
Undead, and Improved Heightening reduces these costs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016