The Mighty Monk

The Ten Ton Hammer Guide to the Monk

Welcome to the Mighty Monk, the Ten Ton Hammer Guide to the Monk!

This guide is your one stop shopping resource for all things monk related. We strive to write our guides with the novice in mind to lend you a hand in starting a successful career as a brawler. We also add content for the more experienced Monk such as our complete Combat Art list and our Where to Hunt section.

Just as with all of our class guides, we rely on players to share what you know! If you have Monkly advice, tips, or tricks that you'd like to share with other players, then please e-mail them to me and I will add them to the guide giving the author full credit!

Enjoy our Monk Class Guide and all this fun class has to offer!

Monk Guide : Sub Contents

The Mighty Monk - Credits & The Basics

The Mighty Monk - Quests and Where to Hunt

The Mighty Monk - Suggested Equipment

The Mighty Monk - Spell List & Definitions

The Mighty Monk - Methods, Techniques & User Interface

This Monk Guide was updated by Monk extraordinare, Savanja, on 4.09.2008 to include all of the newest info!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016