BoomJack the Bard presents:  The Races of EverQuest

Screenshots By: "SLiDE"
(SOGA model shown below the
original EQ2 model if applicable.)

href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/Arasai_male.jpg"> height="150"
width="200" border="0" />

The Arasai are Norrath's response to the pathetically good mannered Fae
of Kelethin. Feel like being just adorable AND a whole lot of evil? Then
the Arasai is just for you!

The Arasai start in the city of Neriak, with the starting area of the
Darklight Woods, and you will need to betray if you intend to move your
character to another city. Because of their evil alignment, you will only
be able to play evil or nuetral classes.

This race is going to be better suited to the mage, healer, and scout
classes due to its low strength and stamina and high agility,
intelligence, and wisdom.

Strength: 10, Stamina: 10, Agility: 30, Intelligence: 25, Wisdom: 25
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Barbarian.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Kilt wearing, beer swilling, trash talking Scotsmen is one way of
describing the Barbarian race.   You have to love them. 
They are tall, big, tough and built for mayhem.   The women are
like Amazons, towering over the men of many other races and able to beat
them at arm wrestling.   Barbarians are neutral aligned meaning
you can make either Qeynos or Freeport your home.  If you are a teeny
tiny person in real life then this is your chance to be big man on campus,
err, in camp.   Bard's often sing songs about the bravery,
though I personally believe most if was just stupidity of the
Barbarians.  If you are too dumb to know the big monster can hurt
you, it isn't bravery when you don't run away.   Big muscles and
teeny, tiny brains.   Melee is the preferred profession of the
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Barbarian.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 25, Stamina: 25,
Agility: 20, Intelligence: 12, Wisdom: 18
Dark Elf
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Dark_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Also known as the Teir'Dal the Dark Elves believe themselves the
rightful rulers of the land.      Created by
Innoruuk  they are hate incarnate.  That rhymes...hate -
incarnate - hate - incarnate.   I feel a song coming on! 
Smart as a whip and strong as a wimp they are built to wield magic not
steel.  They get especially angry if you call them Wood Elves, which
I do at every opportunity.   Evil finds its home in Freeport and
that is where you will find the Dark Elves.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Dark_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 13, Stamina: 15,
Agility: 23, Intelligence: 26, Wisdom: 23
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Dwarf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Reminiscent of midget circus performers Dwarfs make my comedy routines
easy.  Just looking at a Dwarf always makes me laugh.  
That is if I see them before tripping them over them.  They are as
short as a Halfling and look most races in the belly button.  
Thankfully you can always work your way out of a bad spot with a Dwarf by
buying them a beer.  That goes for the women as well, though being
able to tell a male Dwarf from a female one is best left to the
experts.  Loyal to a fault and tough as nails you can count on a
Dwarf when the going gets tough.    They are one of the
good guys, and inhabit Qeynos.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Dwarf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 22, Stamina: 25,
Agility: 16, Intelligence: 12, Wisdom: 25
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Erudite.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
After bumping into an Erudite you may begin to believeinUFOs.  If
there is intelligent life on another planet I would bet my last platinum
piece that it looks like an Erudite.    Bald and grey, what
more can I say?  Grey - say... I feel a song coming on!!! 
Though they don't take kindly to it, I have often used their enormous
foreheads as a mirror for my morning shave.   Erudites are
smart, no, no, they are incredibly smart, and about as strong a Gnome
schoolgirl.   In fact, the great intelligence makes sense. 
It has scared the hair right off their heads.   On the other
hand, it makes you wonder how a race this weak can even lift its own
arms.   On top of it all they are very tall, averaging six feet
in height.  Erudites are so smart nobody can figure out if they are
good or evil.  The can be found in both Qeynos and Freeport.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Female_Erudite.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 12, Stamina: 15,
Agility: 18, Intelligence: 31, Wisdom: 25
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/Weapons-Guide/NON_SOGA_FAE.jpg"> height="150"
width="200" border="0" />

These cute little creatures, are now natives of the tree city of
Kelethin. This is a good aligned city, but you still have to betray it if
you want to make your way to Qeynos or Freeport.

Never underestimate the power of a Fae! They may be mild and weak, but
they are quick and brilliant, so whatever they lack in raw force, they
make up for in cleverness.

This race is going to be better suited to the mage, healer, and scout

Strength: 10, Stamina: 10, Agility: 30, Intelligence: 25, Wisdom: 25
Maybe you are prince, but good luck getting kissed as a
Froglok.   You guessed it, they are frogs, and they don't take
kindly to being called toads, though I do it behind their backs whenever I
can.  Calling them bait is also a big no-no.  The ultimate goody
two shoes, er flippers they will reside it is assumed in Qeynos. 
They are a locked race that each server must unlock before they are
playable.  Frogloks are best known as being Paladins or
Clerics.   They are a well rounded race with no starting
statistic defiencies.   That is unless you consider that they
are so ugly you have to tie a porkchop around their neck to get a dog to
play with them.

Strength: 16, Stamina: 20,
Agility: 24, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 20
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Gnome.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Makers of mechanical things, the Gnomes are a short statured race of
tinkers and putterers.  They can wear cool sunglasses that really
should only be worn by bards, but what can I do?   If I made the
rules things would be different!  With more brains than Planters has
peanuts these little guys can really muck about in all things
magic.   Muscles, well, an Erudite vs Gnome arm wrestling
competition would be something to see.  Each race trying to raise its
own arm to fend off the other weakling.  I think I may set one of
these events up!   The larger races have been rumoured to
compete in Gnome Punting competitions, but this is unproven.  Another
event for me to run!   Gnomes can reside in either Freeport or
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Gnome.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 12, Stamina: 16,
Agility: 25, Intelligence: 27, Wisdom: 20
Half Elf
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Half_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
I always wondered why there were no Half Humans.   Elves
seem to get all the credit.   Some of the beauty of the elves
and some of the stength of the Humans gives the Halfies as I like to call
them a well balance set of starting statistics.   There isn't
much to tell about Halfies because quite frankly, nobody cares to hear
about them.   I must admint I do have a wee soft spot for these
poor buggers as often times they are rogues and soundrels like
myself.   Freeport or Qeynos, the choice is yours.  Like I
said, nobody cares.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Half_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 17, Stamina: 18,
Agility: 25, Intelligence: 21, Wisdom: 19
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Halfling.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Ah, my own race.   Beautiful beyond compare with tufts of
hair sprouting from each toe in a cascade of flowing goodness.  
Combing your feet just can't be beat.  Ryhmes.. I feel a song coming
on!   Just the right height, we can look you straight in the
knee and escape from bar fights without a scratch.   We also fit
in your pocket, which is quite handy when we are trying to pick
it.   Need I say we are aligned with good and make our homes in
Qeynos?  We are  always cheerful, happy and looking to pluck a
coin from your overweight purse to keep your back from getting
sore.   We always think of others.   It is our
way.    Sing it loud.  Sing it proud.  Halflings
are the bees knees.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Female_Halfling.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 15, Stamina: 17,
Agility: 30, Intelligence: 16, Wisdom: 22
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_High_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Pompous and self centered the High Elves are the face on the coin
opposite the Dark Elves.   Fighting for the side of good, they
annoy everyone with their brash commands and arrogant looks.  
Their frail bodies are best suited to the magical arts, and many a High
Elf can be seen blasting enemies or healing comrades.   High
Elves can be found in Qeynos, ordering the "lesser" races around.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Female_High_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 10, Stamina: 15,
Agility: 22, Intelligence: 23, Wisdom: 30
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Human.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Middle of the road, average, not too tall, not too short, not too
smart, not too dumb... you get the picture here?   Not nearly as
handsome as a Halfling, though I must admit I am a bit biased.  They
are nonetheless the most commonly found race in the lands.  
They must breed like rabbits!  Humans are well suited to most
professions and can be found in both Freeport and Qeynos.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Human.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 20, Stamina: 20,
Agility: 20, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 20
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Iksar.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Lizards!  Scaly skinned, tail swinging lizards!  
Rivalling the Dark Elves for title of most evil race,  the Iksar not
only have an appearance that would scare the scales off a dragon they act
the part.   Freeport is their home for now, but if given their
way they will exterminate the other evil races and have it for
themselves.  If an evil race kills another evil race, does that make
them good?   Iksar are adept at any profession, though
surprisingly  they are slightly smarter than they are strong.

Strength: 18, Stamina: 18,
Agility: 22, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 22
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Kerra.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
There are few things that bring me more pleasure than walking my dog
in the Kerra section of Qeynos.  Just seeing the cats scrambling to
get indoors warms my heart.   Truthfully, with all the hair on
my feet I am afraid they will mistake me for a mouse and try to eat
me.   Kerra can live in either Freeport or Qeynos, because let's
face it, who really knows what a cat is thinking.

Strength: 22, Stamina: 23,
Agility: 20, Intelligence: 15, Wisdom: 20
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Male_Ogre.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Shrek they ain't!   Ugly, nasty, horrible chaps with bad
teeth and worse breath.   Stronger than an Ox and about half as
smart they make truly formidable melee types, but alas, their pea sized
brains are not quite as adept at magic.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Male_Ogre.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 30, Stamina: 15,
Agility: 25, Intelligence:15, Wisdom: 15
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Ratonga.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
Rats!  Big ugly rats with tails and fleas.  Smart
rats.   Agile rats.   These guys are a force to be
reckoned with.   Thank goodness they live in Freeport or they
could harm the rogue trade for us Halflings.   Where is the Pied
Piper when you need him, and what does Pied mean?

Strength: 10, Stamina: 15,
Agility: 30, Intelligence: 25, Wisdom: 20

Big, evil, and definitely fearsome looking! The Sarnaks are a newer evil race added with the Rise of Kunark expansion. The males and the females are physically very different, but both are beyond gnarly.

Sarnaks make their home in Gorowyn with the starting area of Timorous Deep. You may only choose an evil class if you wish to play this race, but remember that betrayal is always an option if you decide that you'd like your Sarnak to play a good aligned class!

Because of the distinct look of the Sarnak, there is no SOGA model for this race.

Strength: 21, Stamina: 23, Agility: 17, Intelligence: 15, Wisdom: 24
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Troll.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
If you thought the Ratonga were ugly you haven't seen a Troll. 
Living under a bridge is where this race belongs.   They would
as soon eat you as talk to you.   Freeport is the perfect home
for them.   Maybe they can keep the Ratonga population
down.   Smart like bull, a Troll excels at the melee

Strength: 25, Stamina: 30,
Agility: 18, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 17
Wood Elf
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/NON-SOGA/NON_SOGA_Female_Wood_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>
These tree hugging, flower in the hair, skip to the loo my darlins are
agile little nymphs.   It's hard to say anything untoward about
a Wood Elf.  They are a beautiful race that in tune with
nature.   Then again, they don't like being called pansies, and
I always mean that in the best possible way.   It's Qeynos all
the way for the goody goody Wood Elves.
href="http://eq2.tentonhammer.com/files/gallery/albums/SOGA/SOGA_Female_Wood_Elf.jpg"> height=140
width=200 border=0>

Strength: 15, Stamina: 30,
Agility: 16, Intelligence: 17, Wisdom: 23

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