"The Reaching Blade of the Assassin" - Serrated Bone Dirk

This is a great quest to do with your guildmates. There's no camps
involved... all proximity pops!  There is, however, much travel

First, what you have to look forward to:

Serrated Bone Dirk

  • Dual Wield Piercing
  • Base Dmg: 9-28, Delay: 1.5 seconds
  • +7 STA, +9 AGI, +6 STR, +40 health, +32 power
  • For warriors, mages, and scout classes

This one starts with Leelav Yekl; hang a right from the Enchanted Lands
docks to speak to the little gnome at level 35. Apparently an assassin
is after him (!) and it's up to you to stop he, she, or it.

Head to West Freeport. For those of you of the Qeynosian persuasion,
this presents a challenge.  Refer to the below tutorial on how to
sneak into the various parts of inner city Freeport. Your NPC,
Kreglebop Yekl, is located outside a 2nd floor tavern at +290, +90.
Kregle sends you back to Qeynos.

Specifially, North Qeynos. The Tavern in question is near the South
Qeynos gate at +340, +135. Crash through the doors and search for 
Bouncer Johbal in the smaller rooms on the first floor. Go through the
curtain and downstairs to find Lodo Bightn. Hail and converse.

Next up is the Crypt of Betrayal, the 3rd level down in Qeynos' sewer
system. You'll likely need a group for this step, as you'll be facing
off against level 38 group x2 mobs. Enter CoB through the northeast
entrance in Vermin's Snye. Go upstairs, hang a left, and proceed along
the corridor for a few hundred paces.  When you reach the second
bend, buff up, as walking a little farther (+75, +20) will pop a pair
of hired assassins. Examine the note they drop when they're killed.

Now to go to the Mill at the Windstalker Village in Antonica. Inside
the mill, off to your left in the corner, you'll receieve a small
scroll.  Examine it to receive your next hint.

Next, it's off to the TS docks with your group. Before you set foot on
the docks, buff up as you're in for a fight. Verishu and 2 underlings
will spawn on you, kill them for yet another note that leads you to the
Enchanted Lands and Rivervale.

The House of Circles at -547, -191 in east RV is where your group will
be attacked by Ethruia and a group of lamias when someone enters the
House. It's important to clear aggro around the house first. Examine
the note you find after you kill them.

The assassins are on their way to Leelav! Get back to the original
questgiver. When you speak to him, two Shadowed Halflings will aggro on
you. Beat 'em up and when you're done, speak to Leelav to get your
Serrated Bone Dirk!

Appendix I - Sneaking into Freeport as
a Qeynos Citizen:
Use "The Sprawl" Entrance in southern
Commonlands. Locate the Serpent Sewer entrance in the southwest part of
the zone and jump down. You'll see a ladder if you turn around, climb
it to get to Thieves Way. Bear with me here: go north and follow the
corridor around into the first room, then go straight.  Hand a
left in the next room, then a hard right. In the next room, 2 rights
will take you into the portal room, from which you can enter any of the
Freeport inner city zones.  Go to the West Freeport tunnel.

Here's where it gets tricky. If a guard spots you, you'll be tossed out
into the Commonlands. Stick to the walls and duck into cover if need
be. Go due south and Kregelbop is atop the first building you come to.
Exit by simply saying hi to a guard.

Appendix II - Sneaking into Qeynos as
a Freeport Citizen:
In the moat surrounding Qeynos, to the south
of the South Qeynos gates you'll find a grate that takes you into the
Peat Bog. Head due northwest to get to the Vermin's Snye grate along
the zone wall. Swim straight over to "The Down Below" grate and zone
in. In this room, you'll find a grate that takes you into North Qeynos.
Carefully zone in, and keep in mind that if a guard spots you, you'll
be tossed out into Antonica.

Make a left, and when the coast is clear, break for the building
straight ahead.  This is where you'll get an update. Once you're
inside, you're golden.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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