The Staff of the Observers

by: Tony “RadarX” Jones

It's a stick...that you watch! Ok no, it's a heritage quest...that you do! This is listed as a level 50 quest so if you are the appropriate level, you to can own your very own stick. This quest, like another heritage quest in DoF starts with a random drop off level 40+ Kobolds in Steamfont Mountains. This would be a great time to do your language quest also if you haven't.

The best place I found to farm for the drop is the Mines of Meldrath in the eastern portion of the zone. Once you get your Lens drop (which is tradeable by the way), examine it and you'll head to Vhizz Frugin at the Observatory (-955, 750). He'll ask you to bring him a lens, which will of course not be easy. Head to Runneye Citadel and make your way to the instanced zone The Chamber of Rulgax and killl Lord Rulgax. Head back to Vhizz and he'll update your quest.

He'll need 3 components for this next step. The first, is mineral water from a geyser in Steamfont. The only known confirmed location I've heard of is around (-588, 1589). Next he'll want ice crystals from Icespire Summit in Everfrost. The base of the statue at the end of the zone is where you'll find what you are looking for. Last he'll want molten crystal from Lavastorm which I found near the -412, 579. Return to Vhizz again to complete this step.

This next step you'll need to complete the Kobold language quest before you proceed. You can pick up the language quest in Gnomeland Security Headquarters in the Steamfont Mountains. You'll be sent to talk to a Grikbar Outcast in Steamfont near 1194, 1306. You'll need to kill 3 named Kobolds in the zone:

Scout Pechyooka who is a roamer near -995, 1265

Slave Pechmooka who is in the mines near -1392, 1058. He has a PH and spawns about every 10 minutes.

Digmaster Pechpooka who is near (-110, 1185). He has a PH also and spawns roughly every 10 minutes.

Return to the Grikbar Outcast. You'll be sent to an instance called King Grikbar Caverns near (-70, 1294). The trash in this instance is 50/51 but make sure you clear it unless you are perpared to take on the entire zone when you fight the last mob. Head to the back of the zone and touch his water bowl to make him attackable. When he is dead, claim your magic stick yay!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016