The Steamfont Mountains

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The "Steamfont Mountains" Zone Guide


  • Guide: Savanja
  • Map: Tallika

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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Connecting Zones
  • Quests
  • Soloing Opportunities
  • Grouping Opportunities


The Steamfont Mountains are an old favorite from EverQuest I. Not a whole lot has changed in the backdrop of this amazing zone, it is still heavily over run by rogue clockwork beings, minotaurs, and little black drakes. Unfortunately, the gnome's presence in this area was greatly lost when Ak'Anon was taken by their own clockwork creations and renamed Klak'Anon, but the gnomes still hang tight within a little village atop the hills as the Gnomeland Security. It's still a very dangerous zone, and if you are traveling though the Steamfont Mountains, you'll want to stick close to the paths to stay safe!

Steamfont is a large outdoor zone included in the Echoes of Faydwer expansion. It's a decent mix of heroic and soloable content, leaning more towards being a solid solo zone. I think it's a good place for duoing and smaller groups that rather not venture into the more difficult dungeon zones.

For questing, there are tons to be had. A good portion of them can be found in the Gnomeland Security village by speaking with the locals, others can be found around the zone by some of the NPC gnomes that hang out around the paths. A few of these quests end up leading into Klak'Anon, which is a heroic dungeon zone.

Overall, this is a great zone and one of the shining examples of the solid mid-range content that Echoes of Faydwer brought to EverQuest II.


Minimum Level

Steamfont has solo and heroic mobs that range from about 35 to about level 45 on average, so I wouldn't bother roaming into Steamfont below level 30 without a good group. There are a couple of named mobs that reach up to level 50, but that is not typical of the mobs in this zone.


Connecting Zones

  • Greater Faydark
  • The Loping Plains
  • Klak'Anon


And Your Little Dog Too! (Level 37) - Watchman Plarg (loc -592, 129, 797) asks you to kill 5 coyotes, 5 mountain lions, and 5 spiders. All these mobs can be found in the immediate area.

Unearthing the Moon (Level 38 Heroic) - Collect 12 Lucanite ore for Brom Knotwood, from the Grikbar Crater (loc: 151, 40, 1150). This is a simple collection quest, and wouldn't really be heroic except all the mobs in the surrounding area are heroic.

More Metal Than Your Mother's Kettle (Level 42) - Finbert Lintzig asks you to collect metal scraps from around the large gears in Steamfont. These are found around the Great Gear area (loc -1211, 91, 917).

Anas Mechanica Arcana (Level 45) - Sergi Voombin asks for you to find some missing ducks and retrieve their recording devices. You'll find their rotting carcases at these locations: Quacker Stan found on the far northeastern side of the zone on a rock (loc -1327, 95, 849), Quacker Lin is found on the far northern side of the zone, up on the ledge next to the climbable wall (loc -1099, 166, 584), Quacker Mort is found on the far eastern side of the zone, next to a large rock (loc -1188, 68, 1256), Quacker Lemmy is found in the southern most portion of the zone on top of a rock (loc -419, 74, 1664).

Language of the Dust (Level 35) - This is the kobold language quest, and it's done a bit differently than typical language quests. Lingualogian Roosey sends you off to collect deepearth runes off of the kobolds. Get the quest, examine the runes as they drop from the kobolds to get the update, then return to Roosey. Now you can speak Kobold!

Conflict Amongst the Kobolds (Level 37) - This quest opens up after completing "And Your Little Dog Too!", given by Watchman Plarg. He sends you out with a list of kobolds to kill. You need 3 of each, Grikbar scamps, battlers, and warriors. Then 3 of each, Mazkeen raiders, savages, and raiders. You'll also need to harvest a ground spawn of a concoction for each kobold tribes, these are found in the little kobold camps.

Geobot (Level 38) - This quest opens up after completing "Conflict Amongst the Kobolds", given by Watchman Plarg. Plarg asks you to release a geobot near the Anchorite Geyser, located up the path, northeast of Plarg. Anywhere next to the geyser will do, just select "use" on the geobot from your inventory.

Finding Fulgation (Level 38) - This quest opens up after completing "Geobot". Watchman Plarg asks you to search for signs of Remmy Fulgation. You will first search at Camp Cobalt, found directly northwest of Plarg. On the ground there you will see a bag, bones, and a whip, examine the bag to receive a day log and a grappling hook. Read the log. You then need to find Remmy's field journal. The hill you need is slightly to the north of the camp on the other side of the large rock. You'll see two small rocks on the ground. Look up and you will see a rock sticking out the side, use this for your grappling hook, which will pop you right up on the ledge, then use the next rock in the same manner. Don't fall and grab the journal!

Fulgation's Tracks (Level 39) - After completing "Finding Fulgation" Watchman Plarg sends you on more adventures. Head off to the Raven Eye Spire, located just to the northeast of Plarg. Climb to the top then use your specs. One of the skulls surrounding the fire will glow. Examine it! Start killing kobolds to get the plot coordinator. It took me a few kills, but it drops pretty quickly.

Fulgation's Folly (Level 39) - This quest opens up after completing "Fulgation's Tracks". Plarg sends you to find Remmy at the location he is supposed to be at. You find Remmy up the path that starts near Anchorite Geyser. Follow the path all the way up and you'll see Remmy, and some plans of betrayal! Inspect the plans then return to Plarg.

Watchman Fleep (Level 39) - Once completing the series given by Watchman Plarg, he sends you to Watchman Fleep to report Remmy Fulgation's betrayal.

There are a whole lot more in the way of quests in Steamfont. I suggest taking the time to talk to the local gnomes to find these quests, and so many more. A lot of them are series, which I always find fun for the storylines.


Soloing Opportunities

I find the best soloing to be the quests. Most of the quests in the area are very solo friendly and take you all over the zone. If you'd rather do the whole grinding thing, the kobolds found just off of the paths all over Steamfont are perfect for solo play. There are small camps of them scattered around, clear the camp and surrounding mobs and move to the next. By the time you clear the area, you'll start seeing repops.


Grouping Opportunities

If you aren't interested into heading into the dungeons of the area, or simply prefer the open skies for grouping fun, you'll find plenty of heroic content in Steamfront. The main camps of kobolds in the craters contain a good amount of heroic mobs. My favorite heroic area is the Mines of Meldrath. The mines give you loads and loads of enslaved kobolds as well as the very cool minotaurs. The deeper you go, the more dangerous it gets, just be sure to watch the repops behind you as you move through. Move all the way through and you can snag Meldrath the Iron Lich!


And that's the Steamfont Mountains! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016